DA Form 10-161 – Army Pubs DA 10-161 Fillable

DA Form 10-161 – Army Pubs DA 10-161 Fillable – This is a military form that was first made available by the United States Department of the Army (DA) on March 1, 1959. The form, which is often referred to incorrectly as the DD Form 10-161, is a military form that is used by and within the United States Army. As of now, the DA does not give any specific directions for completing the form.

DA Form 10-161 - Army Pubs DA 10-161 Fillable

For military vehicles, battery inspections are required regularly to assure their safety and capacity to perform their functions. The battery will be transported with this form, which will serve as a means of comparison and record-keeping wherever the battery travels.

How To Complete The Form DA Form 10-161

Step 1 – In the “Battery” columns, provide the following information:

  • The battery was assigned a number that was generated and put on it.
  • The kind of battery used (ie: lead or alkaline)

Step 2 – Write the following under Charger Number:

  • Make a note of the serial number written on the charger.

Step 3 – The next column would need the following:

  • The date on which the battery is being tested is written in the format yyyy/dd/mm.

Step 4 – Enter the following information in the next column:

  • The clock has struck twelve.

Step 5 – Column 6 necessitates the following:

  • Whether or not water should be added to the battery, as indicated by the indicator.

Step 6 – As soon as the battery is turned on:

  • Make a note of the starting rate amps.

Step 7 – It is necessary to conduct the following tests:

  • The Specific Gravity of a Lead Battery

Step 8 – In column 9, write the following:

  • Test and record the findings of the Alkaline Battery Test Fork.

Step 10 – After the testing session, say the following:

  • Keep a record of your time off

Step 11 – After the physical examination is done, make a note of the following:

  • Any necessary repairs that may have been necessary
  • Any materials that were utilized in the testing and/or repair of the battery are considered exempt.
  • Make a note of any observations on what the next technician would need to be aware of.
  • Once the battery has been inspected and the record has been completed, it is crucial to note that the Industrial Storage Battery Service Record will accompany the battery wherever it travels and will be accessible for the next person to service it when the battery is next assessed. Place this form in the car or on/near the battery to ensure that it is not lost.

DA Form 10-161 – Army Pubs DA 10-161 Fillable

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