DA Form 1059 – Army Pubs DA 1059 Fillable

DA Form 1059 – Army Pubs DA 1059 Fillable – A form called DA Form 1059, Service School Academic Evaluation Record, is used to report the academic performance of students who are enrolled in service colleges. In the United States, the term “service school” refers to any of the Department of Defense’s schools, as well as Allied Nation Schools, United States Army Reserve (USAR) and Army National Guard (ARNG) schools, United States Army Specialized Schools, Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Academies, and other institutions. The primary goal of the DA 1059 is to demonstrate the achievements, talents, and general potential of Soldiers who are enrolled in Army Learning Facilities or who are enrolled in military training courses.

DA Form 1059 - Army Pubs DA 1059 Fillable

A common misunderstanding is that DA Form 1059 is the same as DA Form 1059-1, Civilian Institution Academic Evaluation Report and that it is frequently referred to mistakenly as DA Form 1059. The Department of the Army (DA) of the United States of America (USA) issued the most recent version of the form on March 1, 2019.

Fillable DA Form 1059 is available for download and digital filing below, or it may be accessed on the Army Publishing Directorate website, which is kept up to date with the latest information.

Instructions For DA Form 1059

Detailed instructions and a summary of the form are included in Army Regulation 623-3, Evaluation Reporting System, which may be viewed online. The Chief of Chaplains, the Judge Advocate General of the United States Army (TJAG), the U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School, and the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command are among the organizations that determine the list of service schools and courses that are authorized to provide Soldiers with DA 1059 Forms. The Chief of Chaplains, the Judge Advocate General of the United States Army (TJAG), the U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School, and the United States Army Training and Doc (TRADOC). Provided below is a list of the many types of students that are needed to complete the aforementioned application form:

  • Regular Army officers enrolled at the United States Army War College.
  • The Regular Army’s commissioned officers are enrolled in basic and advanced officer training courses.
  • Officers who, following graduating from the United States Army War College, engaged in the Correspondence Studies Course.
  • A group of students enrolled in classes at the Army Medical Department’s Academy of Health Sciences.
  • Students enrolled in Regular Army warrant officer basic courses, Regular Army warrant officer advanced courses, or any branch transfer course is considered to be Regular Army warrant officers.
  • The DA Form 1059 is divided into fifteen parts, each of which must be completed by the student and a representative from the school or course. In order to complete the form, the student must include personal information, the name of the school and the course that was finished, a summary of performance, and an assessment of the talents displayed during the rating period. The course representative must determine whether or not the student’s intellectual potential qualifies him or her for higher-level Army study or training.

HQDA receives the completed form, which is delivered to the local Military Processing Operations (MILPO) and is appended to the soldier’s Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) (OMPF). In addition, a copy of the form is sent to the Army Evaluation Reporting System. It is possible to seek a review if the Soldier acquired a degree while serving on active duty. The examination must be requested via the Installation Education Services Officer (IESO).

Who Is The Signatory On A DA Form 1059?

In order for the Army DA Form 1059 to be legal, it must have three signatures on it altogether. Ensure that all signatures are digitally inserted into Item 15, which is located at the bottom of the first page of the form. Typically, the first person to sign a document is the rater who is responsible for evaluating the document. The paperwork is then signed by both the reviewing officer and the rated soldier to indicate their approval.

DA Form 1059 – Army Pubs DA 1059 Fillable

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