DA Form 1144 – Army Pubs DA 1144 Fillable

DA Form 1144 – Army Pubs DA 1144 Fillable – This contract, designated as DD Type 1144, Support Agreement, must be submitted if any form of ongoing, non-quantifiable assistance would be needed for an indefinite length of time. This contract is not a financing document, but rather a non-binding agreement that specifies service support requirements and is not legally binding. Support agreements should be evaluated at least once a year and amended as necessary.

DA Form 1144 - Army Pubs DA 1144 Fillable

The Department of Defense (DoD) issued the most recent version of the form on November 1, 2001. It is sometimes mistaken with DA Form 1144, Request for Dossier/Index Check, which is also released on the same day. Download and digitally file an up-to-date DD Form 1144 fillable form from the links provided below, or visit the Executive Services Directorate website to get the most recent version.

All agreements should be reviewed and approved by the relevant program, legal office, or comptroller before being implemented. It is essential to establish and record the appropriateness and legality of the arrangement using this fundamental control tool.

Instructions For DA Form 1144

According to the form, the Supplying Activity refers to the company that is providing the services. The Receiving Activity is the organization that delivers the cash and accepts the product or service on behalf of the donor. The following are the steps to take while completing DA Form 1144:

  • The Supplying Activity is responsible for providing the information in Block 1.
  • Block 2 can only be performed if there has previously been a prior agreement for support services in place.
  • When the services are scheduled to commence, the date should be included in Block 3.
  • Block 4 contains the information about the agreement’s expiry date. The use of a 5-year agreement is advised if the services will be needed for an extended length of time.
  • Block 5a should include the following information: the name, physical location, and phone number of the Supplying Activity. Major Command of the Supplying Activity is located in Block 5b of the map.
  • Blocks 6a and 6b should include the name, address, and Major Command of the Receiving Activity, respectively, while Block 6c should have the same information.
  • Detail information on the assistance offered by the provider is required in Block 7. Included in this document is information on the actual services rendered, the grounds for reimbursement, and the expected cost that would be incurred throughout the agreement.
  • Block 8 is for the component that is providing the power. Dates, names, and two signatures are required for this section: the Comptroller’s signature and the signature of the authority that approved the request (the Department Head of the organization supplying the service).
  • Block 9 should provide information about the receiving side that is comparable to block 8.
  • Block 10 – Termination is intended to hold the signatures of the authorizing authorities on both the providing and receiving components’ respective sides of the transaction. This portion of the agreement is fulfilled at the end of the contract.
  • Block 11 is devoted to general rules and regulations. The material in this part pertains to the standard requirements that must be validated by the Supplying and Receiving Activity before being implemented.
  • It is recommended that Block 12 include a description of any unique conditions linked to the services offered (for example, special receiver and supplier obligations, the size of occupied facilities, and so on).
  • Block 13 is set aside for any extra supplies you may need. If required, this area may be used to continue general and particular provisions that have already been established.

DA Form 1144 – Army Pubs DA 1144 Fillable

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