DA Form 12 – Army Pubs DA 12 Fillable

DA Form 12 – Army Pubs DA 12 Fillable – Request for Establishment of a Publications Account, is a form that may be used to request the establishment of a military publications accounts as well as to make adjustments to an existing account. Army groups can get an Army Publications Account, which is required to acquire publications and blank forms via the Army’s ordering system.

DA Form 12 - Army Pubs DA 12 Fillable

The most recent version of the form – frequently wrongly referred to as DD Form 12 – was made available by the United States Department of the Army (DA) on June 1, 2021, rendering all prior forms obsolete in the process. For your convenience, an up-to-date DA Form 12 fillable version is available for digital filing and download below, or may be accessed on the Army Publishing Directorate’s official website.

The account number is given to the organization that has been indicated on the form unless otherwise specified. A blank form from a publication’s point of contact is typically only permitted to be sent to Army Medical Department (AMD) operations, Army National Guard (ARNG) State Adjutants General, and Army Service Schools. However, if permitted by the authenticating authorities, businesses that are geographically isolated or that need a disproportionately high number of forms may be granted access to a form management account.

The DA Form 12: How Do I Fill It Out?

Detailed information and filing instructions may be found in the Department of the Army Pamphlet 25-40, Army Publishing Program Procedures, which is available online. DA The following are the guidelines for completing DA Form 12:

  • If the applicant desires to alter his or her current Army publications account number, he or she should enter it in Box 1. If the account has not yet been set up, this area is kept blank.
  • Box 2 contains the date on which the document was filed.
  • Type of submission: Box 3 asks for the type of submission to be labeled as either an initial submission, a change, or a close. Box 7b must include a statement stating the cause for the closure.
  • When filling out Box 4, be sure to include the organization’s complete postal address.
  • Box 5 asks for the postal address of the applicant’s Army Program Coordinating Office, which is located in the United States. When the DA Form 12 is completed, it will be sent to that address for signature.
  • Section I (“General”) is divided into three parts: first, there is a general introduction; second, there is a description of the section; and third, there is a description of the section.
  • Sections 7a and 7b are used to indicate the kind of account being sought as well as to provide a reason for the blank forms being requested.
  • Box 8 contains information on the unit description. Box 8a contains information on the applicant’s Army component. Eighth through eighth boxes are filled in accordance with the component that was selected. Boxes 8e and 8f are reserved exclusively for contractors.
  • The publishing officer for this organization is described in full in Box 9 of this document. Each individual’s typed name, grade, title, signature, and phone number must be entered into the appropriate sections.
  • Section II (“Account Classification Data”) contains information regarding the classification level of the requested account, including the following information:
  • Box 10 contains the information about the degree of categorization sought for the account.
  • The applicant must choose one of three options: unclassified, confidential, or secret; the other two are optional.
  • To receive and store material according to the categorization specified, the requesting entity must have suitable equipment and employees.
  • Box 11 must be completed with the name, signature, and phone number of the appointed security officer.
  • If the existing postal address has to be changed, Section III (“Change of Address”) must be completed and submitted. Section IV (“Authenticating Authorities”) of the form is completed by the officials who will authenticate it. Boxes 13a through 13c and 14a through 14c need the typed name, grade, and title of the commander, as well as the telephone numbers of the Program Coordinating Office (PCO) or the Product Support Manager, in addition to the signature of the commander (PSM).
  • Before the form can be completed, all of the information, including names, addresses, unit identification numbers (UICs), email addresses, and signatures, will be verified.

DA Form 12 – Army Pubs DA 12 Fillable

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