DA Form 1222 – Army Pubs DA 1222 Fillable

DA Form 1222 – Army Pubs DA 1222 Fillable – The DA Form 1222, Routing Slip, is a document that is used to route papers throughout an organization. This form is one of a series of routing slips that have been made available by the government, which also includes Optional Form 41, Routing and Transmittal Slip, and GSA Form 14, Routing Slip, among others. Approvals, disapprovals, and concurrences should not be recorded on the slip, which should only be used for the precise acts listed on the form.

DA Form 1222 - Army Pubs DA 1222 Fillable

DA Form 1222 fillable versions are available for filing and downloading from the links provided below or may be accessed on the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) website. The form is unclassified, has been cleared for public release, and may be redistributed indefinitely without restriction.

The DA Form 1222: What To Do and How To Fill It Out

An overview of the form and filing standards may be found in Army Regulation 25-50, Preparing and Managing Correspondence, which can be viewed here. The following are the instructions for DA Form 1222:

  • Each item on the list must be given a number and must include the name and initials of the person who will be receiving the entry, as well as the date and the intended action. The sender must provide their name, the date on which they completed the form, their phone number, their address, their e-mail address, and the name of their organization.
  • All relevant notes may be recorded on the back of the slip, and the slip does not need to be submitted with the rest of the documentation.
  • The DA Form 1222 is exclusively intended for use by members of the United States Army to manage communications.

Additionally, the related Optional Form 41 is used when moving documents from one office to another, and it may also be used when exchanging communication between any of the agencies of the United States Federal Government (federal government). A maximum of five addresses may be entered into the form. Each input must provide the recipient’s name, office symbol, room number, building number, and agency, as well as the action that is required. All of your comments should be included in the largest block of the application form. The sender’s information should be entered in the line at the bottom of the form, along with their room number and building address. Upon receiving the form, the first recipient will move it on to the next recipient, who will then draw a line across their name and/or write their initials and the date in the appropriate sections.

DA Form 1222 – Army Pubs DA 1222 Fillable

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