DA Form 1256 – Army Pubs DA 1256 Fillable

DA Form 1256 – Army Pubs DA 1256 Fillable – This form, entitled DA Form 1256, Incentive Awards Nomination and Approval, was developed for and published by the United States Department of the Army (DA). It is used to accept applications for participation in the Total Army Awards Program. As a result of the Total Army Awards Program, mission successes are aided by awarding outstanding performance by military and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces, as well as pushing them to continue to improve both their individual and collective performance.

DA Form 1256 - Army Pubs DA 1256 Fillable

It is still legitimate and in use today to use the version that was issued on February 1, 2019. It is possible to receive an up-to-date DA Form 1256 fillable form from the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) website, which may be filed digitally and downloaded below, or it can be obtained through the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) website. The DA Pamphlet 672-20, Incentive Awards Handbook, contains information on DA Form 1256, including how to file it and what procedures to follow.

A companion form, DA Form 5167, Incentive Awards Nomination, and Approval – Nonappropriated Funds, was produced by the Department of Agriculture for similar reasons.

Instructions for DA Form 1256

DA Form 1256 is the only form that may be used for award nominations. When the award is authorized, the original form – either a physical copy or a digitally-generated version of the form that has been printed and signed – will be placed in the employee’s Official Personnel Folder for safekeeping (OPF).

It is the operational officer’s responsibility to finish Part I, which consists of three blocks.

  • When a service member or employee is introduced in the first block, the operating officer presents the service member or employee’s full name, organization, current position, title, grade, and compensation (Boxes 1 through 3). If the nominated employee had another job during the time of nomination, that position is included in Box 4; otherwise, it is not noted.
  • The second block of Part I describes the sort of award that is being suggested for consideration. Awarded prizes may be either honorary or monetary.
  • The third block provides information that may be used to identify the official who is nominating another official.

It is only when the award has been sent to the Department of the Army Headquarters that Part II is finalized (HQDA). If the nomination is not EEO-compliant, the operational officer must explain on a separate page to the board of directors.

The local incentive rewards committee completes Part III of the Department of Defense Form 1256.

Part IV must be completed by the relevant authorizing authority or authorities. A cash award (with the amount indicated) is included in Part IV, and the signature, title, and date of each official who approved or disapproved the application are all included. Part IV also includes the action level, the application’s status as prescribed by each of the action levels – approval or disapproval (with the amount indicated), an additional cash award (with the amount indicated), and the signature, title, and date of each official who approved or disapproved the application are included in Part IV.

DA Form 1256 – Army Pubs DA 1256 Fillable

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