DA Form 1307 – Army Pubs DA 1307 Fillable

DA Form 1307 – Army Pubs DA 1307 Fillable – Individual Jump Record (DA Document 1307, Individual Jump Record) is a form used by the United States Army to record parachute jumps done by troops. The information collected on the form is used to establish whether or not a parachutist is eligible to receive parachutist badges and awards.

DA Form 1307 - Army Pubs DA 1307 Fillable

The current version of the form, which is often referred to mistakenly as DD Form 1307, was made available by the United States Department of the Army (DA) on April 1, 2018. For your convenience, an up-to-date DA Form 1307 fillable version is available for filing and downloading below, or you may get it through the Army Publishing Directorate website.

Official standards state that each entry on the DD 1307 must be accompanied by the initials of a personnel officer and the pay period for which the entry is being recorded. All entries must be copied from the soldier’s DA Form 1306, Statement of Jump, and Loading Manifest, which must be completed by the soldier. The soldier’s DA Form 1306 includes information regarding each and every leap that he or she makes. In each case, a jumpmaster completes the form, which is then maintained on file by the unit records keeper for a minimum of two years.

The DA Form 1307: What To Do and How To Fill It Out

A general description of the form and filing procedures may be found in Army Regulation 600-8-22, Military Awards, which can be viewed online here. The following are the instructions for DA Form 1307:

  • To fill out boxes 1 and 2, you must know the parachutist’s entire name and grade.
  • Box 3 should include the parachutist’s current qualification, which should be specified.
  • For boxes 4 through 6, information regarding their qualifications is required. This involves picking the appropriate qualification from among the three options (parachutist, jumpmaster school graduate, senior parachutist, or master parachutist) and identifying the unit, headquarters, and date on which the qualification was received, among other information.
  • The next section of the form has a chart in which you may input information about each leap. A detailed description of each jump, including the location, the sort of jump done, the type of aircraft used, the terms or pay period that was covered, and the initials of the personnel officer who oversaw the leap, must be included in the chart. Top right of the form is a block with the codes for each jump type displayed in alphabetical order. A single leap may be described by using more than one code, and this is permitted.

Based on the information submitted on the form, authorized employees will decide whether or not a person is eligible for special rewards. The “Parachutist Badge – Basic,” “Senior Parachutist Badge,” and “Master Parachutist Badge” are the three degrees of badges that may be earned and awarded. All jumps made at civilian parachuting facilities or clubs will not contribute toward the passing grade necessary to qualify for the respective badge.

DA Form 1307 – Army Pubs DA 1307 Fillable

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