DA Form 137-1 – Army Pubs DA 137-1 Fillable

DA Form 137-1 – Army Pubs DA 137-1 Fillable – It is necessary to complete DA Form 137-1, Unit Clearance Record before a soldier can be assigned to a new permanent duty station (PCS), as well as before he or she can transition from active duty to another service or component, or before they can be separated, discharged or retired from the military. Using this form, you may close out any personal and financial records at the military installation from where the soldier is moving or retiring for good. All obligations owed to the federal government and any service branches must be paid in full before the date of separation, the transition from active duty, or retirement from the military service.

The Department of the Army (DA) of the United States of America issued the most recent version of the form on March 1, 2018. A fillable version of the most recent edition of the DA Form 137-1 is available for download below. The DA Document 137-2, Installation Clearance Record, is a comparable form that is used to gather signatures to acquire clearance verification for the installation in question.

DA Form 137-1 - Army Pubs DA 137-1 Fillable

The most often seen confusion is between DA Form 137-1 and the forms from the DD Form 137 Series. They are part of a four-part series that deals with determining the dependence status of family members of military troops to evaluate their eligibility for various benefits. They are available online at www.dd137forms.com.

Instructions for DA Form 137-1

The Army Regulation 600-8-11, Reassignment, contains a comprehensive explanation of DA Form 137-1, as well as an overview of all associated processes and forms. Before you begin, make sure you have read the instructions thoroughly. If you do not complete and submit the DA Form 137-1, you may only get a portion of your final compensation. Until the applicant has received installation clearance, he or she will not be eligible to collect separation benefits. There are five parts to the form in total:

  • Section A (“Personnel Data”) is self-explanatory in the majority of cases. Complete the following fields: first and last name; rank; orders number; acquiring unit; losing unit; date of address; and departure date.
  • When you fill out Section B (“Debt Verification”), you must explain and verify your duty status and the dates and times you were away on different occasions – whether it was due to Temporary Duty Travel (TDY), hospitalization, or field duty. Enter the kind of absence, the log number or order number, if appropriate, as well as the start and end dates of all absences in the space provided.
  • Section C (“Adverse Action”) is for the description of any adverse acts that happened within 60 days following the issue of clearance forms and are not covered by other sections of the document. Actions are taken under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), administrative reductions, and administrative discharges should all be included.
  • Section D contains information on property accountability and payment items (“Property Accountability and Pay Items”). In the “Pay Items” area, you may define the sort of incentive pay you want to receive as well as any enlistment and reenlistment incentives.
  • It is one of the most significant sections of the form to pay attention to Section E (“Battalion/Unit Clearance Items”). When an item is checked, it verifies that the item has been confirmed and that the relevant action has been carried out.

DA Form 137-1 – Army Pubs DA 137-1 Fillable

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