DA Form 1380 Fillable PDF

DA Form 1380 Fillable PDF – This form, officially known as the Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training (DA Form 1380), is a standard Department of the Army form that may be found on the Army’s website. Armed forces workers make use of it.

DA Form 1380 Fillable PDF

The DA Form 1380 Is Intended To Be Used For What?

DA Form 1380 is used to report on non-unit reserve training (excluding Army Extension Courses) or suitable duties conducted by reservists assigned to USAR units that are not part of the unit.

What Additional Forms Are Included With The DA Form 1380?

For those who want to be compensated for taking structured development courses on their own time (and for whom such a provision exists in their unit’s policy), it is important to provide an official certification of the training that they have completed with their application.

Any more forms are not required unless otherwise specified.

DA Form 1380 Is Due On The Date Specified On The Form

On a monthly basis, the Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training should be filed by the end of the month in which it was completed.

The DA Form 1380 Is A Complicated Document To Fill Out.

The form is not lengthy, and completing it will not take much time. A total of ten boxes are included inside the paper, each of which is self-explanatory due to the presence of instructions located on the second page.

The DA Form 1380 must be sent to the following address:

  • A filer’s assignment to a unit determines whether or not the completed form is sent to the appropriate location. It is necessary to submit the paperwork together with the unit if this is true. Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) or IMA personnel should submit the paperwork to HRC – Human Resources Command if they are serving in the military. So the completed DA-1380 should be sent to the office that is responsible for the filer’s salary and records.

DA Form 1380 – Army Pubs DA 1380 Fillable

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