DA Form 1559 – Army Pubs DA 1559 Fillable

DA Form 1559 – Army Pubs DA 1559 Fillable – Department of Defense (DoD) civilian workers and troops utilize the Inspector General Action Request (DA Form 1559) to file complaints, grievances, and requests for help with the Inspector General of the Department of Defense (DoD). These complaints may include what the requester thinks to be proof of fraud, waste, or abuse on the part of the federal government. The form enables Inspectors General (IG) in obtaining adequate information about a case and taking the measures necessary to address any inadequacies or shortfalls that may have occurred during the investigation.

DA Form 1559 - Army Pubs DA 1559 Fillable

All military and civilian personnel working for the Department of Defense (DoD) have the right to file complaints and raise concerns about their jobs with the Inspector General (IG) for further inquiry. Members of the military are encouraged, but not compelled, to bring their concerns to the attention of their superiors before completing and submitting an Inspector General Action Request.

The DA Form 1559: What to Do and How to Fill It Out

Inspector General Activities and Procedures (Army Regulation 20-1), which provides a general overview of the form and filing instructions, may be found here. DA The following are the instructions for completing DA Form 1559:

  • An individual complainant or the IG may both register a complaint via this form.
  • The complainant’s personal identifying information is required on the first line of the complaint form. They will be identified by their entire name, grade or position, DoD ID number, component, and status, among other information.
  • The following line demands the name of the complainant’s unit, the unit’s complete address, and the desired phone number for the complaint (a personal cell phone number, home phone, or a contact number at the current place of duty).
  • The complaint must include their desired postal address (either a military address or a home address) as well as their preferred e-mail address.
  • The following box (Item 9) asks for a description of the precise action that the complainant would want the IG to take in response to their complaint.
  • Information on the case’s history and a list of every supporting paperwork that has been added to the form are included in Item 10. If the complainant feels that the space supplied on DA Form 1559 is insufficient to fully detail the matter, he or she may submit extra pages.
  • These two boxes are for the complainant’s agreement to the release of their private information to the IG, as well as any supporting paperwork that has been attached to the complaint. Although consent is entirely optional, refusing to provide it may result in delays or the situation being unresolvable.
  • Before the inquiry may begin, the complainant must sign and date the form and send it to the Inspector General for processing.

DA Form 1559 – Army Pubs DA 1559 Fillable

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