DA Form 1574-2 – Army Pubs DA 1574-2 Fillable

DA Form 1574-2 – Army Pubs DA 1574-2 Fillable – An administrative investigation is documented on DA Form 1574-2, Report of Proceedings by the Board of Officers, which is used by an elected Board of Officers in the United States Army to document the process of an administrative investigation, as well as any findings and recommendations made after the investigation (BO). The form is completed by a Recorder nominated by the Board of Directors and submitted to the appointing authority for evaluation.

DA Form 1574-2 - Army Pubs DA 1574-2 Fillable

All prior versions of the form – which is commonly mistaken with DD Form 1574, Serviceable Tag – Materiel – were deemed obsolete by the United States Department of the Army (DA) on April 1, 2016, making the most recent iteration of the form outdated. The most recent fillable version of DA Form 1574-2 is available for download below, or you may visit the Army Publishing Directorate website for further information.

DA Form 1574-2, Report of Proceedings by Investigating Officer, is a component of the DA Form 1574 Series, which also includes DA Form 1574-1, Report of Proceedings by Investigating Officer. Army investigations conducted by a single Investigating Officer are documented using the DA 1574-1 form.

Filling Out DA Form 1574-2 – What to Do?

Additional information and filing rules may be found in Army Regulation 15-6, Procedures for Administrative Investigations and Boards of Officers, which can be obtained on the Department of the Army’s website. The following are the instructions for DA Form 1574-2.

  • It is in Section I that you will find information on the appointing authority as well as the date of appointment.
  • The BO’s meetings are described in Section II of this report. The needed information includes the date and time of the session, the location of the session, the officers who will be present, and any members who will be missing from the meeting.
  • Section III contains a checklist of the procedures to be followed. According to the circumstances of the investigation, the Recorder checks the boxes that need to be checked. Part A of the form is completed in all instances. Those instances in which a designated responder has been identified are the only ones in which Part B may be completed
  • The conclusions of the study are summarized in Section IV. A conclusion supported by facts and a response to a question made in the memorandum by the appointing authority is required in each paragraph of the document.
  • Based on the results of Section V, the Board of Directors makes recommendations to the Board. For the report to be accurate and full, each member must sign Section VI, which must be completed by all of them.
  • It is the appointing authority’s responsibility to complete Section VII. appointing authority may request that the BO revise reports that are incomplete, unclear, or inaccurate.

DA Form 1574-2 – Army Pubs DA 1574-2 Fillable

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