DA Form 1610 – Army Pubs DA 1610 Fillable

DA Form 1610 – Army Pubs DA 1610 Fillable – It is necessary to submit DA Form 1610, Obtain and Permission for TDY Travel of Department of Defense Personnel, for military personnel serving on active duty within the United States Army to request travel authorization.

DA Form 1610 - Army Pubs DA 1610 Fillable

The Department of Defense (DoD) issued the newest version of DA Form 1610 on May 1, 2003, making all prior iterations of the document outdated. DA Form 1610 is sometimes mistaken with DA Form 1610, which is also produced by the DoD. Detailed filing requirements may be found at the bottom of this page or on the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) website. Download a fillable DA Form 1610 in its blank form by clicking on the link below.

What Is the Purpose Of DD Form 1610?

All official TDY (Temporary Duty Yonder) travel occasions, including rest and recuperation (R&R) travel, dependent evacuation, financed environmental and morale leave (FEML), as well as group or blanket TDY travel, are covered by the DA Form 16100 travel authorization number. The only excursions that are not covered by this form are those that are for contractors and invitational events.

Instructions for DD Form 1610

  • Beginning with Boxes 1 through 7, the service member seeking travel permission must provide personal information about himself or herself.
  • It is necessary to provide the specifics of the future trip in boxes 8 through 14. Types of permission are specified in Box 8: TDY, emergency visitation travel (EVT), confirmatory, modification, extension, blanket, or group authorizations are all possible options.
  • Fill out Box 9 with the reason for the TDY. Additional information may be found in Appendix H of the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR).
  • Boxes 10a and 10b are used to provide an estimate of the number of TDY days and travel time required.
  • The schedule for the trip is included inside Box 11. Listed on the form should be all of the approved travel destinations as well as the beginning and ending points of the journey, as well as the departure and arrival points, as well as the destination and departure points, and then return and starting points of the journey.
  • Box 12, Transportation Mode, allows you to choose one of the AO-approved types of transportation. All of the lines in Box 14 are for giving estimates of future expenses. For FEML and R&R, the Per Diem field must be kept blank. In all circumstances, leave the Advance Authorized Box unchecked.
  • Any appropriate observations should be included in Box 16 and the form should be completed on the second page. Information regarding statements may be found in AP1610-01.
  • Boxes 17 and 18 must include the entire name, title, and signature of the official who is seeking the trip, as well as the same information about the official who is authorizing or directing the journey.
  • Box 19, Accounts Payable and receivable Following service regulations, the citation is used to indicate the following fiscal data: the location or address of the travel computation unit to which travel vouchers must be faxed or mailed, the signature of the fund-approving official certifying the availability of funds, the full name and title of the fund-approving official, and the date of issuance of the travel vouchers.
  • Finally, the official who is approving or issuing the order must provide their complete name, title, and signature in Boxes 20 to 21 of the form.

DA Form 1610 Frequently Asked Questions

The Accounting Citation Block of DA Form 1610 contains the following information, which you should double-check.

The following information should be included in the request form:

  • According to Service rules, the fiscal information;
  • The location or address of the travel computation unit, to which travel vouchers must be faxed or sent to be processed;
  • The signature of the person who approved the money, certifying the availability of funds.
  • The entire name and title of the person who will be authorizing the funds.
  • I’m looking for DA Form 1610 in DTS and don’t know where to look.
  • Log in to the Defense Travel System (DTS) by clicking on the link on their welcome page to get started. Accept the Privacy and Ethics Policy as it is written. Click on the TRAVELER SETUP MODULE button at the top of the screen and then pick the FORM PREFERENCES box from the drop-down menu.

The default values for the form are shown on this page. Fill out all of the fields, click on GOVT+FORM, and then scroll to the bottom of the page to submit the form. Click on SAVE FORM DEFAULTS and then scroll back up to the top of the page once again. In the upper right corner, click on CLOSE WINDOW to close the window. Your application has been sent to the appropriate authority for approval.

What is the procedure for obtaining a DD Form 1610?

Download the form by visiting the DTC website or by clicking on the download icon provided above.

What is DD Form 1610 And How Can I Read It?

In contrast to other military forms, the DA Form 1610 does not come with any accompanying instructions. See the directions given above for further information on how to fill out the form, or go to AR1610-01 for a general overview of the form.

DA Form 1610 – Army Pubs DA 1610 Fillable

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