DA Form 1687 – Army Pubs DA 1687 Fillable

DA Form 1687 – Army Pubs DA 1687 Fillable – It is possible to receive supplies using the DA Form 1687, Notification of Delegation of Power – Receipt for Supplies, which is a military form that is used to notify others of the delegation of authority. The form may be used to identify persons who have the permission to sign for supplies, as well as to remove individuals from the list of those who have been granted such rights.

DA Form 1687 - Army Pubs DA 1687 Fillable

The United States Department of the Army (DA) produced a new DA Form 1687 on November 1, 2015, making all earlier iterations of the form obsolete. This is frequently referred to as DD Form 1687. You may download and digitally file an up-to-date fillable DA Form 1687 form by clicking on the link below, or you can receive one from the Army Publishing Directorate’s website.

What Is DA Form 1687 Used For?

The DA Form 1687 is used to identify people who are allowed to request or sign for items that are subject to formal accounting at the end-user level. A receipt for commodities mentioned in AR 710-2, Class VII, such as ammunition, weapons, and drugs, is often requested using this document. It is commonly referred to as the “Army Signature Card.” Additional things that need control may be designated by commanders using DA Form 1687.

Instructions for DA Form 1687

The Department of the Army Pamphlet 710-2-1, Using the Unit Supply System, has all of the necessary procedural information for DA Form 1687. (Manual Procedures). For the most part, the information on this form is self-explanatory, making it simple and straightforward to complete:

  • The date must be entered into the box in the top right corner of the screen initially.
  • Following that, the authorized representatives must put their names, locations, and authority for each and every unit of supplies they receive from the delegating party into the appropriate fields on the form.
  • In the next part, the responsible supplier or accountable officer completes the document by specifying the sort of transfer that is taking place and giving any further comments that are essential to comprehend the transfer and its rationale for taking place.
  • By signing and dating the last portion of the document, the receiving party acknowledges that they have accepted responsibility. Each of the parties involved in the transaction is responsible for keeping copies of the document.

DA Form 1687 must be maintained up to date on all devices. In order to add employees as authorized representatives or to remove them from the current list, an additional form must be produced. Add a person to the list by entering the sentence “Added, prior editions remain in effect” in the notes section of the spreadsheet. Enter an “X” in the “withdraws from” section after listing the names of the individuals who should be removed. Use coloured pencils or ink to outline this block. In the notes section, type the words “Deleted, but other people named remain in place.” personnel who have been removed from the roster do not sign the roster.

An electronic handwritten signature, which can be created in a few simple steps, may be used to sign this form. Here’s how to produce one:

  • Inscribe your name on a white sheet of paper.
  • Scan your signature or take a photograph of it for identification purposes.
  • Download and save the image to your computer’s hard drive.
  • Save the signature once it has been cropped to its proper size in a photo editor.
  • The Army Signature Card or any other document may now bear this stamp. Use our online PDF-filing program to attach your signature to DA Form 1687.

Is It Possible to Extend the Validity of DA Form 1687?

A box called “Expiration Date” is located at the bottom of DA Form 1687. As soon as the date specified in the box has passed, the document is regarded to be out of date, and it is essential to create a new one.

DA Form 1687 – Army Pubs DA 1687 Fillable

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