DA Form 1750 – Army Pubs DA 1750 Fillable

DA Form 1750 – Army Pubs DA 1750 Fillable – It is also known as the Army Packing List. The Department of Defense (DoD) uses DA Form 1750, also known as the Army Packing List, to keep track of specific things inside the United States Army. This includes all shipping and freighting of military equipment and commodities to and from military sites, in particular.

DA Form 1750 - Army Pubs DA 1750 Fillable

The information necessary for the army packing list – which is often referred to mistakenly as DA Form 1750 – comprises the number of containers and their contents, as well as the date and order number.

Instructions For DA Form 1750

Depending on the number of items that need to be mentioned on the packing list, the packing list may have many data entries. Each copy of the DA Form 1750 should be assigned a page number, and the total number of pages should be listed in the area given to verify that the pages are in the right sequence.

Detailed instructions for each of the six boxes on the packing list may be found on the form’s second page, which is also its cover page.

How Do I Fill Out DA Form 1750 Correctly?

  • Begin by providing the most basic freight information possible at the top of the form. The name of the packing person or group, as well as the number of boxes in the container, should be included. If the freight cargo is accompanied by a requisition or order number, please provide it in Boxes 2a and 2b.
  • If the package contains components that will be combined into a larger piece of equipment, box 3 is used to designate the stock number, nomenclature, and type number of the finished item.
  • If the shipment contains supplies or basic pieces that are not meant to be assembled into a finished product, leave this field blank.
  • Leave boxes 4 and 5 blank until you have completed a detailed description of all of the equipment and components that will be sent.
  • After you’ve filled out all of the relevant information about the cargo, begin listing all of its components in Columns A and B of the spreadsheet.
  • Columns C, D, E, and F describe the unit of issue and the quantities that are needed. If you run out of space on the DA Form 1750, you may use copies of the document as continuation sheets.
  • A supervisory authority must sign and date each page of the form after the whole cargo has been accounted for to be considered valid.
  • Fill out Boxes 4 and 5 with the date of filing and the number of pages that were included with the shipment, respectively.

Please remember to make two copies of all forms, since one set will be delivered with your cargo and the other will be kept for your records.

DA Form 1750 – Army Pubs DA 1750 Fillable

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