DA Form 2125 – Army Pubs DA 2125 Fillable

DA Form 2125 – Army Pubs DA 2125 Fillable – Report To Training Agency, is a form that military students use to establish a long-term contract with the training agency where they are studying. Officers are required to submit this form upon arrival at the civilian institution where they are enrolled as part of a military-sponsored program, as well as after each academic term.

DA Form 2125 - Army Pubs DA 2125 Fillable

This form, which is also known as DD Form 2125, was issued by the United States Department of the Army (DA) on December 1, 2019. It replaces the previous edition, which was published in October 1984 and is now out of date. A current fillable version of the Army Publishing Directorate DA Form 2125 is available for download below, or it may be accessed on the Army Publishing Directorate website.

The DA Form 2125 is often presented in conjunction with the associated DA Form 1059-1, Civilian Institution Academic Evaluation Report, and degree-awarding transcripts, which are utilized in the evaluation of a soldier’s progress in higher education. When a soldier is attending school, this form and official transcripts are the only two pieces of documentation that show his or her academic accomplishment officially.

The DA Form 2125: How Do I Fill It Out?

The Army Regulation 621-1, Training of Military Personnel in Civilian Institutions, contains procedural rules as well as extra information. The following are the instructions for DA Form 2125:

  • Once the kid has arrived at the school, DA Form 2125 should be completed and lodged with the appropriate authorities.
  • First and foremost, the student must supply their complete name, grade, social security number, branch of service, and military occupational specialization to the university. In addition, the form requests the student’s current postal address as well as his or her phone number with area code. This box should be filled out with the name of the Army program under which the student is currently enrolled in school.
  • The student must provide the name of the school, the e-mail address of the school, and a description of the structure of their involvement. They should next indicate the official title of the degree they are seeking, the estimated graduation date, the department they are studying in, and the primary subject of study they are pursuing.
  • The next sections of the application need information regarding the most recent semester or quarter attended, as well as the most recent future one. The student must enter the course numbers and titles, as well as their grades and credit hours, on the course registration form.
  • If there have been any challenges with their academic performance, the student must detail them, as well as the reasons for any topics that have been dropped since the previous report was submitted.
  • The other side of the form must be completed at the start of the academic year and updated if any modifications are made to the academic plan.

DA Form 2125 – Army Pubs DA 2125 Fillable

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