DA Form 2142 – Army Pubs DA 2142 Fillable

DA Form 2142 – Army Pubs DA 2142 Fillable – Pay Inquiry, also known as DA Form 2142, is a form that service members may file when they have questions or issues about their paychecks or benefits. The document, which is often wrongly referred to as DD Form 2142, was last changed on April 1, 1982, by the United States Department of the Army (DA). A fillable version of the DA Form 2142 may be downloaded from the URL given below.

DA Form 2142 - Army Pubs DA 2142 Fillable

According to Army rules, any query a service member has about financial concerns must be noted on a DA Form 2142, which is available online. The department must evaluate and respond to every DA Pay Inquiry, no matter how little or trivial it seems to be. The obligation for assisting a service member with the preparation of the inquiry rests with the department’s administrative staff members.

Instructions for DA Form 2142

The DA Form 2142 operating instructions are quite self-explanatory, as follows:

  • Make three copies of the completed form. Make certain that all of the personal information requested is correct and up to date.
  • Please double-check that you have given clear and intelligible descriptions of the nature of your inquiry and the activities you want to take in Section I of the application. Section II of the form should be sent to your unit commander for completion.
  • If you are in grade E6 or below, make certain that your unit commander signs your paperwork before submitting it. If you are in grade E7 or above, you will not be needed to get the commander’s signature.
  • Present the completed paper to the appropriate departmental officials. The form will be returned to you if everything is in proper order and there are no numerous or messy corrections on it. If everything is in proper order and there are no numerous or messy corrections on it, you will have two options: you can hand-carry the form to the finance office or the form will be forwarded to the finance office via a transmittal letter.
  • You must submit all three copies of the completed form; otherwise, you will be penalized.
  • As stated in the rules and regulations, if the finance office gets your phone call inquiring about a DA Form 2142, it becomes the obligation of the office employees to fill the form.
  • When the finance office staff receives your query, they will record it into the Pay Inquiry Log, which is accessible online. The length of time it takes to respond to your request is typically determined by the topic of your inquiry. If you have a Leave and Earnings Statement accessible, or if you have a frequent question, you may anticipate a prompt response from the department. The staff will next obtain a copy of your Personal Financial Record if this is the case (PFR). In certain instances, the submission of DA Form 3684, Report of Change, may be required.

To track down and resolve a problem, the finance office employees will fill out Section II of the form and enter the action taken into the Pay Inquiry Log. The original copy of the form will be included in your PRF as well as a duplicate copy. In the Office Pay Inquiry File, the second copy will be kept for future reference. The third copy will be submitted to the appropriate department. More information on the usage of the pay inquiry form may be found in Army Regulation 37-104-3, Military Pay and Allowances Procedures – Joint Uniform Military Pay System-Army (JUMPS-Army), also known as AR 37-104-3 or Army Regulation 37-104-3.

DA Form 2142 – Army Pubs DA 2142 Fillable

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