DA Form 2166-8 – Army Pubs DA 2166-8 Fillable

DA Form 2166-8 – Army Pubs DA 2166-8 Fillable – The Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Evaluation Report (DA Form 2166-8) is a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Evaluation Report that is used within the United States Army. In order to conduct an annual assessment of all Noncommissioned Officers working within the Army, this report must be completed by the officer who is overseeing the noncommissioned officer. This form, which is frequently incorrectly referred to as the “DA Form 2166-8,” was released by the United States Department of Defense on August 1, 2015, and it is the most recent edition (DA).

DA Form 2166-8 - Army Pubs DA 2166-8 Fillable

DA Form 2166-8 is a fillable PDF document that may be downloaded from the link provided below or obtained on the Army Publications Directorate (APD) website. During NCO Evaluations, this report is one of a set of six forms that are utilized to gather information. All of these forms may be accessed using the links provided below.

Instructions For Using DA Form 2166-8

The DA Form 2166-8 is governed by the Department of the Army Pamphlet 623-3, Evaluation Reporting System, which is available online. The following are the filing procedures:

  • Part I, Administrative Data, necessitates the collection of the NCO’s basic personal information, which includes their name, Social Security number, rank, contact information, as well as the required identifying rates and codes.
  • Box A in Part II, Authentication, requests that the assessing officer supply their personal information to prove their authority to conduct the evaluation. Any senior raters or reviewers who are also participating in the rating process are required to provide the same information that is required for Boxes B and C. Before forwarding the final assessment report to the next level, it must be signed by all of the reviewers and raters.
  • Part III, Duty Description, asks the rater to submit their assessment of the NCO’s assigned responsibilities and appointed duties that were performed during the rated year, as well as a description of any areas of particular attention that were seen.
  • Part IV, Army Values/Attributes/Skills/Actions, is for assessing the NCO’s service in accordance with the Army’s core values and beliefs, which are outlined in the Army’s core values and beliefs. The assessing officer’s responsibility is to determine whether or not the NCO demonstrates all of the Army’s fundamental values and to make any further remarks about the assessment. In this portion, the rater must assess the NCO’s competence in five particular categories, which are as follows: 1.
  • Confidence;
  • Physical fitness and military bearing are essential for military service.
  • Leadership;
  • Training;
  • It is important to take ownership and responsibility.
  • There are four potential grades: “Excellence” (exceeding the standard), “Success” (meeting the standard), “Some need for improvement,” and “Much need for improvement.” “Excellence” is the highest attainable grade.
  • In Part V, Overall Performance and Potential, after giving an evaluation of the individual areas indicated above, the assessing officer and senior raters are requested to offer an overall assessment of the NCO’s annual performance.

DA Form 2166-8 – Army Pubs DA 2166-8 Fillable

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