DA Form 2166-9-3 – Army Pubs DA 2166-9-3 Fillable

DA Form 2166-9-3 – Army Pubs DA 2166-9-3 Fillable – In the Department of the Army, DA Form 2166-9-3, NCO Assessment Report, CSM/SGM, is a form that is used during the evaluation of noncommissioned officers (NCOs) with the rank of Command Sergeant Major (CSM) or Sergeant Major (SGM) (SGM). DA 2166-9 is one of six NCA Evaluation Reports that make up the DA 2166-9 Series, which is comprised of six forms in total.

DA Form 2166-9-3 - Army Pubs DA 2166-9-3 Fillable

This form, commonly referred to as the “DD Form 2166-9-3,” was updated by the Department of the Army on November 1, 2015, and is the most recent version available (DA). Fillable DA Form 2166-9-3 is available for download below, or maybe downloaded on the Army Publications Directorate’s website by searching for “DA Form 2166-9-3.”

The DD 2166-9-3 is a strategic report that should be read carefully. CSM/SGM NCO’s annual efforts must be evaluated by authorized raters and senior raters, who are responsible for providing their opinions and recommendations. The five-part form requires particular information from both the NCO and their rater, which must be completed by them both. Five sections are included in the report: an administrative data section, authentication of all involved parties, a duty description section, an assessment of performance on multiple criteria section, and a footnote by the senior rater.

Instructions For Using DA Form 2166-9-3

The DA Form 2166-9-2 is governed by Department of the Army Pamphlet 623-3, Evaluation Reporting System, which may be found on the Department of the Army website.

  • It is the rater’s responsibility to fill out Part I, Administrative Data, which asks for personal information on the assessed NCO. There are many pieces of information in this file, including their name, email address, social security number (if they have one), unit code, station and organization, rank, date of rank, and several other administrative details.
  • Part II, Authentication, should include information that identifies both the rater and the supervisory senior rater. It necessitates the collection of personal information as well as information on the raters’ rank, branch, duty, and organization. A separate section of the second portion of the assessment form is filled out with information about a supplementary rater if a supplemental review is necessary throughout the evaluation process.
  • In the remaining three areas of the form, which are titled “Duty Description,” “Performance Assessment,” and “Senior Rater Overall Potential Assessment,” the raters in charge of the evaluation are responsible for filling out the information. Describe the NCO’s responsibilities, including whether or not the NCO has fulfilled Army standards, and offer an appraisal of the NCO’s performance and skills based on a variety of factors.

DA Form 2166-9-3 – Army Pubs DA 2166-9-3 Fillable

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