DA Form 2339 – Army Pubs DA 2339 Fillable

DA Form 2339 – Army Pubs DA 2339 Fillable – The DA Form 2339, Application for Voluntary Retirement, is used to begin the administrative process for voluntary retirement requests. A medical examination of the candidate is required, and a review of the application must be submitted at least nine months before the planned retirement date.

DA Form 2339 - Army Pubs DA 2339 Fillable

On June 1, 1983, the US Department of the Army (DA) produced the most recent version of the form, which is commonly mistaken with DD Form 2339, International Military Student Information. A fillable version of the Army Publishing Directorate’s DA Form 2339 is available for digital filing and download below or on the Army Publishing Directorate’s website.

How to Complete DA Form 2339

The Army Regulation 635-200, Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations, provides an overview of the form and filing procedures. The following are the instructions for DA Form 2339:

  • The applicant fills out the first section of the form with the help of the official in charge of the applicant’s personnel records.
  • Blocks 1 to 11 are required. The applicant must first supply their full name, SSN, Expiration – Term of Service (ETS), and planned retirement date. The form then asks for their current grade, pay grade, Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), and highest Active Duty (AD) grade alongside their branch of service. The candidate must supply information about their current unit, duty station, and central command. If the continental United States (CONUS) inhabitants want to retire at their present foreign assignment, they should complete out Block 8. If non-CONUS residents choose to retire outside the US, they should fill out Block 10. The form also asks for the applicant’s retirement mailing address and transfer request status.
  • Only reserve officers serving in enlisted status in AD complete Blocks 12 to 19. Their reserve commission status, grade, eligible promotion date, and branch of service should all be stated. Block 13 should contain a list of all awards received.
  • Block 14 is a table with four primary columns: military service dates, days missed in duty, current federal service, and inactive federal service. Blocks 15 through 18 are for submitting full active or passive service to determine retirement, basic pay, or basic pay eligibility. Block 19 indicates that you are ready to retire to a CONUS location of your choice.
  • The applicants’ personnel officer files Section II, which comprises 11 blocks. They must approve or deny the application, verify if the applicant opted to proceed with a request or elimination, and give the arrival dates at the present assignment or overseas command, alert receipt, and unit alert notification.
  • The applicant must read and sign the form after reading all of the conditions specified in Block 30. Block 31 should be used to record any additional information. If the form’s space is insufficient, a continuation sheet can be inserted. For the DA Form 2339 to be complete, the commander must supply their full name and signature.

DA Form 2339 – Army Pubs DA 2339 Fillable

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