DA Form 2402 – Army Pubs DA 2402 Fillable

DA Form 2402 – Army Pubs DA 2402 Fillable – The DA Form 2402, Maintenance Tag, is an upgraded version of the DA Form 2402, Exchange Tag, which was previously in use. On December 1, 1985, the Department of the Army (DA) of the United States of America accepted the present version. Even though the form is declassified and authorized for public distribution, it is not accessible on the internet. The state is reproduced here in its original 1985 format for your convenience.

DA Form 2402 - Army Pubs DA 2402 Fillable

DA, the Department of Defense’s DD Form 2402, Civil Aircraft Hold Harmless Agreement, is frequently confused with the Department of Defense’s Form 2402, Civil Aircraft Hold Harmless Agreement, which is a form that serves as an agreement between the United States Army and an individual or company wishing to use military airfields. The state is designed to be used to identify the individual. It is used as a receipt for Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) items that need calibration to identify products being kept for warranty claims and Electronic Inventory Record (EIR) exhibits, and other similar purposes, among other things.

Instructions For DA Form 2402

The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) Users Manual (DA Pamphlet 750-8), which contains all necessary paperwork and procedural information for the DA Form 2402, is available online. A separate copy of the form represents each different item specified on the form. DA Form 2402 is completed in four copies and submitted to the Department of Agriculture. Depending on the item and the number of repairs necessary, not all documents may be required.

  • The first copy is used as a unit receipt, and it is filled out in the same manner as the second copy.
  • Except for products covered by a warranty claim, the second copy is utilized as a receipt at the battalion and company levels. As soon as a warranty action or claim is identified using the form, a copy is forwarded to the supporting Warranty Control Office (WARCO), which utilizes the DA Form 2402 to complete any necessary warranty actions or claims.
  • The third copy, three, is used as a receipt for the assist units.
  • The fourth copy is kept with the object until completely repaired and reassembled. After all, repairs have been performed; the form is attached to each item forwarded to supporting maintenance shops to indicate that the item has been repaired.

Every time an item or component is installed or removed, the DA Form 2402 that relates to it is destroyed, and all copies are kept for future reference as receipts. As long as the tag identifies the equipment used in connection with a warranty claim or a Form SF-368 exhibit, the title will remain attached to the equipment until it is no longer required for that claim or display.

DA Form 2402 – Army Pubs DA 2402 Fillable

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