DA Form 2408 – Army Pubs DA 2408 Fillable

DA Form 2408 – Army Pubs DA 2408 Fillable – The Equipment Log Assembly (Records) section of DA Form 2408 contains a list of operational symbols, duty symbols, flight condition symbols, aircraft, and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) condition status symbols, and codes that are used on DA Forms 2408-12, DA Form 2408-13, DA Form 2408-13-1, DA Form 2408-13-2, DA Form 2408-13-3, as well as other related maintenance forms.

DA Form 2408 - Army Pubs DA 2408 Fillable

DA Form 2408-12, Army Aviator’s Flying Record, and various additional forms, including DA Form 2408-12, Army Aviator’s Flight Record, are used to record information about aircraft maintenance and flight operations.

This form, frequently wrongly referred to as DD Form 2408, was published by The United States Department of the Army (DA) on October 1, 1997. A current copy of the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) Form 2408 is available for download below, or it may be accessed on the APD website.

The DA Form 2408 and Its Application

Information in the DA Form 2408 is intended to aid pilots, UAS operators, and maintenance professionals in filling out logbooks, maintenance and history forms (and other related documents), and maintaining records and files.

A number of the codes mentioned on DA Form 2408are part of the Logistics Information System, and they appear in drop-down menus to assist in filling out the relevant forms and records. Additionally, Army Regulation 95-23 (for unmanned aerial systems) and Army Regulation 95-1 (for conventional aircraft) include all flying duty symbols, mission symbols, and flight condition symbols (for aircraft). If there is a dispute between two Army Regulations, the information included in both takes priority over the form.

The Department of the Army’s Pamphlet 738-751, “Functional Users Manual for the Army Maintenance Management System – Aviation,” has more information and directions on how to complete the DA Form 2408.

DA Form 2408 – Army Pubs DA 2408 Fillable

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