DA Form 268 – Army Pubs DA 268 Fillable

DA Form 268 – Army Pubs DA 268 Fillable – A soldier’s record may be amended by completing DA Form 268, Report to Suspend Favorable Personnel Actions (Flag), which is used to add or remove flags from the soldier’s record. Flags are administrative measures that are applied during a disciplinary or administrative action and are retained until the conclusion of the action in question. The presence of the flags may have a detrimental impact on the soldier’s potential elevation in rank.

DA Form 268 - Army Pubs DA 268 Fillable

Officially known as DA Form 268 after its publication on May 1, 2016, it was updated by the United States Department of the Army (DA) to reflect current regulations. You may download and digitally file an up-to-date DA Form 268 fillable version by clicking on the link below, or you can visit the Army Publishing Directorate website. Consequently, all earlier iterations of the form are no longer in use.

When it comes to the impacted soldier, the DA Form 268 is prepared to indicate that beneficial personnel activities have been temporarily halted. If military or civilian authorities launch an inquiry into the soldier’s behavior that might result in disciplinary or administrative punishment, it is required that these measures be put on hold until the investigation is completed.

What Is DA Form 268 Supporting Documentation, and Why Do I Need It?

In addition to Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) Cards, Body Fat Worksheets, counseling comments, and punishment directions, DA Form 268 supporting paperwork contains other documents. The DA Form 268 will be submitted to the General Officer Management Office by the unit, together with any necessary supporting documentation. The flag will subsequently be inserted into or deleted from the soldier’s personnel file, depending on the situation.

The Inspector General is in charge of conducting investigations of general officers. During internal and external inquiries, the General Officer Management Office will provide assistance to these general officers.

Instructions For DA Form 268

The Army Regulation 600-8-2, Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions, has a detailed definition of the form, as well as an overview of all connected use processes, which may be accessed here (Flag). The following are the instructions for DA Form 268:

  • A soldier’s personal information is collected in Section I, which is comprised of boxes 1 through 8 and is referred to as the “personal information box.”
  • Box 1 must be filled out with the soldier’s information. Their “SSN” and “Rank” must be entered in the appropriate boxes in Boxes 2 and 3. Box 4 asks whether a soldier is “on active duty,” “not on active duty,” or on “Active Duty for Training (ADT).” It is used to define whether or not a soldier is “on active duty.” Fill in the Expiration Term of Service (ETS), Expiration of Service Agreement (ESA), or Mandatory Retirement Date in Box 5 of the Employee Time Card (MRD).
  • Box 6 must include the words “Unit Assigned” and “Army Command,” respectively. Box 7 must include the location of the station. Box 8 must include the name and telephone number of the human resources department in charge of the flagging action.
  • Box 9 should provide a description of the action to be taken. Flag removal and flag initiation are the two sorts of activities that may be performed.
  • In accordance with a particular action or investigation, all flags may be divided into two categories: non-transferable (which means it is not feasible to replace the flagged soldier with another unit) and transferable (which means it is possible to replace the flagged soldier with another unit) (which means that it is possible to replace the flagged soldier to another unit).
  • Sections II and IV of the form must be completed if the form is being used to raise a flag. Sections III and IV of the form must be completed if the form is submitted for flag removal.
  • Section II is used to indicate the cause for triggering a flag in the first place. The reason or reasons for choosing must be selected from the list. If the cause for the penalty is transferrable, the date on which the punishment is regarded complete must also be stated.
  • Section III is for describing the rationale for deleting a flag from a list of options. There is a long number of reasons from which to pick.
  • Section IV of the document is dedicated to the authenticity of the document. The name, rank, title, and organization of people who are submitting the form must be stated in the appropriate areas on the form. After that, the form must be signed and dated. A decision will be reached when the form has been completed and submitted together with any supporting evidence to the general office management office for consideration.
  • It is important to note that the flags are not intended to be used as a kind of punishment or restriction, but rather as a management tool. The presence of the flag does not imply a final decision. It is brought about as a result of any disciplinary or administrative action taken against someone. Flags should be raised within three working days of finding the soldier’s unfavorable condition, and they should be withdrawn within three working days of deciding the soldier’s ultimate disposition. It is necessary to ensure that:
  1. DA It is important to complete DA Form 268 in the event that it will be necessary to demonstrate that positive personnel activities have been discontinued in the instance of the affected soldier.
  2. No one who has a “need to know” about the flag is notified about it. Information regarding the flag should only be shared with those who need it in order to carry out their responsibilities effectively.
  3. When a soldier’s status switches from unfavorable to favorable, a separate DA Form 268 is created to remove the flag from his or her uniform. During the next three working days, the flag must be removed from all human resources systems.

Is It Possible To Un-Flag A Field On DA Form 268?

There isn’t much a soldier can do to have the flag removed from his or her unit. The Commander will identify a necessity for a flag, order unit personnel or the S1 to produce a Form 268, and submit the form, together with the soldier’s APFT cards, counseling statements, and other supporting documentation, to the office before making a final decision.

DA Form 268 – Army Pubs DA 268 Fillable

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