DA Form 2765-1 – Army Pubs DA 2765-1 Fillable

DA Form 2765-1 – Army Pubs DA 2765-1 Fillable – In the Army Master Data File (AMDF), DA Form 2765-1, Request for Issue or Turn-In, is a document that can be used to request a single-line item that has a national stock number or to turn in items that are disposable at the organizational level but do not require turn-in credit to the Supply Support Activity (SSA).

DA Form 2765-1 - Army Pubs DA 2765-1 Fillable

It was last changed on April 1, 1976, and prior iterations of the form are still available for use by the United States Department of the Army (DA). The most recent fillable version of DA Form 2765-1 is available for download and digital filing below, or it may be downloaded from the Army Publishing Directorate website by visiting their website.

The Department of Defense’s DD Form 2765, Department of Defense/Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card should not be confused with the Department of Defense’s DD Form 2765, Department of Defense/Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card, which is used to identify U.S. Army service members, members of their families, and dependents.

Instructions For Completing DA Form 2765-1

Additional rules and information may be found in Department of the Army Pamphlet 710-2-1, which was published in December 2016; alternatively, complete filing processes can be found in the instructions below.

  • The names and addresses of the SSA and the requesting unit must be included in Blocks A and B of the DA Form 2765-1, respectively, to complete the form. Sections D, E, and F, as well as distinct Boxes 1, 2, and 3, need the use of identification numbers. Box 4 is used to define which federal supply class is being used.
  • Information about the item, such as its National Item Identification Number (NIIN), unit of issuance, and quantity, should be put in the appropriate boxes in Boxes 5, 7, and 8, respectively.
  • Sections 9 and 10 (designated as “SVC” and “Requisitioner,” respectively) need the Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DDAC) (DoDAAC). Boxes 11 and 12 are used to record the document’s creation date and serial number, respectively.
  • It is necessary to fill out boxes 13 through 16 in order to define demand, SVC, supplemental address, and signal.
  • The appropriate fund and end item codes should be entered in boxes 17 and 18. The AMDF contains the NSNs and EICs for the majority of significant products. If the EIC has not been designated, this field should be left blank.
  • If you have been issued a project code, enter it in Box 19. Box 20 is reserved for the designation of a priority level.
  • In Box 21, you may either provide the desired delivery date or leave it blank.
  • When providing special instructions to the source of supply, you should use the appropriate advice code, which you may find in Box 22.
  • Section L should contain the cost detail account number, which should be provided. Section O is meant to provide a short description of the object in question. Section P should include the date, the kind, the number, and any other relevant information.
  • It is recommended that if the DA Form 2765-1 is utilized as a request for issuance, it be created in the number of copies necessary by local requirements. One of them may be finished in the due-in status file, which will be available for viewing. The form must be either an electronic document or a four-part carbon interwoven document with four parts.

DA Form 2765-1 – Army Pubs DA 2765-1 Fillable

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