DA Form 285-W – Army Pubs DA 285-W Fillable

DA Form 285-W – Army Pubs DA 285-W Fillable – Technical Report of United States Army Ground Accident Summary of Witness Interview, is a document used to record interviews with witnesses of accidents that occur on United States Army premises. It was developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Along with all Class A and Class B accident reports, this form should be sent to the Department of Transportation.

DA Form 285-W - Army Pubs DA 285-W Fillable

On February 1, 2009, the United States Department of the Army (DA) issued the most recent version of the form, which is frequently referred to as DD Form 285, Appointment of Military Postal Clerk, Unit Mail Clerk, or Mail Orderly, among other names. It is possible to get an up-to-date fillable version of DA Form 285-W by downloading the document from the link provided below or visiting the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) website.

When questioning all of the people who were involved in or wounded as a consequence of the accident, the DA Form 285-W should be employed. In addition, each person who is determined to have had a direct or contributory part in the accident must be interrogated if they are accessible. The investigator will underline to the witness that the investigation’s main goal is to avoid accidents from occurring in the future.

The DA Form 285-W: How Do I Fill It Out?

Procedural rules and further information may be found in DA Pamphlet 385-40, which is available for download. The following are the instructions for DA Form 285-W:

  • The witness’s name is put in Block 1 of the form. Blocks 2 and 3 provide information on their overall occupation and grade. It is necessary to include the witness’s date of birth, address, and telephone number in Blocks 4, 5, and 6.
  • Block 7 contains the information about the date the interview took place. Provide a short overview of the witness’s experience, skills, and military history in Block 8 of the witness’s testimony. When the accident occurs, Block 9 specifies where the witness was at the time of the event.
  • Block 10 contains the student’s grade as well as the last name of the person who will be conducting the interview. If the witness was questioned by more than one interviewer at various times, just the name of the primary interviewer is necessary.
  • Specifically, blocks 11a through 11c deal with the assurance of secrecy. If the witness was given a pledge of secrecy, block 11a should be completed with that promise. Block 11b must be completed if the witness asked that his or her identity not be revealed during the interview. It is necessary to sign and date block 11c for it to be considered complete and accurate.
  • The summary of the interview is included inside Block 12. Block 13 specifies the date on which the event occurred. Block 14 includes the information on the witness’s vow of secrecy, which the interviewer is required to read out loud to him or her.
  • Block 15 represents the availability of the pledge of secrecy for reports of inquiry that are intended for “restricted use.”

DA Form 285-W – Army Pubs DA 285-W Fillable

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