DA Form 3020 – Army Pubs DA 3020 Fillable

DA Form 3020 – Army Pubs DA 3020 Fillable – In the United States Army, the DA Form 3020-R, Magazine Data Card (MDC), is a form that is used to record all information on the munitions that have been supplied, received, stored, or are currently kept in stock.

DA Form 3020 - Army Pubs DA 3020 Fillable

Although the most recent version of the form was published on June 1, 2021, it is still valid and in use today according to the United States Department of the Army (DA). You may download or submit a digital version of the Army Publishing Directorate’s fillable DA Form 3020-R below, or you can find it on the Army Publishing Directorate’s website.

A non-regulated document, the MDC (which is sometimes mistaken with DD Form 3020, Breaching Reconnaissance Record), may be produced on demand and is not subject to government regulations. The letter “R” that appears after the form’s number indicates that it is “reproducible.”

Do You Know How To Properly Fill Out The Magazine Data Card?

Magazine Data Cards are often completed by the checker who is in charge of storing and retrieving ammunition from the storage facility. DA Form 3020-R is a time-sensitive form, with the checker having just 20 minutes to complete it.

In the ammunition storage room, the MDC is filled out digitally or by hand and affixed to each and every quantity of ammunition. The information included in the form should be accurate and readable in nature. Objects to be kept must include DoD identification codes and lot numbers on the form, as well as the location, description, amount, and purpose of the items. This information must be consistent with other documentation that comes with the indicated ammunition. Also included in the Magazine Data Card should be their identification numbers, which may be found on their websites. By the person in charge of the MCD record, it is ensured that the information is accurate.

DA Form 3020 – Army Pubs DA 3020 Fillable

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