DA Form 3032 – Army Pubs DA 3032 Fillable

DA Form 3032 – Army Pubs DA 3032 Fillable – This document, known as the DA Form 3032 (Signature Headcount Sheet), is used to keep track of the signatures for meals given to enlisted soldiers at dining facilities. Every meal should be recorded on a separate form, which should be used every day. In addition, each diner must be covered with a separate sheet. If the total number of signatures required for all three meals on a given day is fewer than 82, just one page is required for that particular day. The headcounter finishes out the sheet after each meal by utilizing the next unused line on the sheet.

DA Form 3032 - Army Pubs DA 3032 Fillable

According to the United States Department of the Army (DA), the most recent version of the document – commonly mistaken with DD Form 3032, Department of Defense Pathways Recent Graduates Program Participant Agreement – was published on July 1, 2002, by the DA. For your convenience, an up-to-date DA Form 3032 fillable version is available for digital filing and download below, or it may be accessed on the Army Publishing Directorate website (link below). There is no classification on DA Form 3032, and it has been accepted for public release and unrestricted distribution.

How Do I Complete the DA Form 3032?

Detailed instructions on how to complete DA Form 3032 may be found in Department of the Army Pamphlet 30-22, Operating Procedures for the Army Food Program, which contains additional recommendations. The following are the filing procedures:

  • Boxes 1 and 2 need the whole unit identification and installation information, as well as the proper date, in addition to the correct date.
  • Specifying the kind of meal in Box 3 (“Meal”) is accomplished by choosing the relevant checkbox.
  • When filling out Box 4 (“Service Component”), you must input the shortened letters of each service component from a list that is supplied on the back of DA Form 3032.
  • Box 5 must be ticked to indicate that the relevant block has been selected (“Diner Category”). The individual filing the form must pick “Other” if the needed category is not available, and then offer a brief explanation in the area provided on the form.
  • In line with DD Form 714, Meal Card, the “Meal Card Numbers” are put into the system by the headcounter.
  • Any other information or clarifications should be included in the Remarks section. The dining facility personnel can complete this box if an after-hours meal is provided when the headcount is not present.
  • During the course of each planned meal, the headcounter fills out Block 9a (“Headcount Signature and Rank”) with his or her signature. A food operations serjeant (FOS) must fill out Block 9b (“FOS Signature and Rank”) before the consolidation of the headcount data and after the form has been thoroughly checked.
  • After each meal, the headcounter crosses out all of the lines that were left blank. Drawing a line from the top left corner to the lower right corner of all unused boxes in each column of the form accomplishes this task. Whenever a single DA Form 3032 is used for two or more meals, the headcount counts down from that point to the next unused line on the form.

DA Form 3032 – Army Pubs DA 3032 Fillable

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