DA Form 3078 – Army Pubs DA 3078 Fillable

DA Form 3078 – Army Pubs DA 3078 Fillable – It is a record of inspection and inventory of clothes received by Active Duty Soldiers in the United States Army. DA Form 3078 is also known as a Personal Clothing Request. The Reserve Component uses DA Form 4886, Issue-in-kind – Personal Clothing Record, which serves the same goals as the active component.

DA Form 3078 - Army Pubs DA 3078 Fillable

The most recent version of the form, which is frequently wrongly referred to as DD Form 3078, was made available by the United States Department of the Army (DA) on July 1, 2014. In addition to the fillable DA Form 3078 version accessible for download and online filing below, the Army Publishing Directorate website has an updated version available for download and online filing.

What Federal Regulations Apply to DA Form 3078?

In the Army Regulation 700-84, Issue and Sale of Personal Clothing, which is available online, you may get a summary of the DA Form 3078 and filing criteria.

What Is The Purpose Of DA Form 3078?

The DA Form 3078 is used to keep track of the clothing items that are supplied to enlisted soldiers and to provide accountability. In addition, Army Military Clothing Stores (AMCS) are required to have copies of DA Form 7000, Delegation of Authority – Army Military Clothing Stores, on hand for commanders in the military. The Common Table of Allowances (CTA) 50-900 is a list of the major and supplemental clothing allowances that are allowed by the government.

DA Form 3078 offers a thorough explanation of the rationale for the first distribution of apparel and Army Service Uniform (ASU). Orders must be connected to the form to be valid. If the soldier is a member of the Army National Guard (ARNG) or the United States Army Reserve (USAR), clothing supply staff may be contacted via the Kentucky Logistics Operation Center (KLOGC).

During the last stages of pregnancy, female soldiers are permitted to don the maternity ASU if the standard uniform is no longer suited for the circumstances. The maternity ASU consists of a maternity shirt, a skirt, pants, and a tunic, all of which are mentioned in the CTA 50-900 (maternity uniform code). These uniforms are kept in storage for three years and are not available for purchase via the supply chain.

Following the receipt of certification of pregnancy, the unit supply sergeant or expert is responsible for the following:

  • Check the current pricing of the outfit.
  • Fill out Block 30 of DA Form 3078 with the following statement: “Issued as additional items according to CTA 50-900 authorization.”
  • Please include a copy of the doctor’s certification of pregnancy in your submission.
  • How to Complete a DA Form 3078 in the Proper Manner

Instructions for completing DA Form 3078 are not included with the form. The following are the stages involved in the filing:

  • The “Document Number” and “Voucher Number” fields are located in blocks 1 and 2, respectively. Blocks 4 through 7 are used to enter the soldier’s name, grade, Social Security number, and organization.
  • Block 8 contains the Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DDAC) information (DoDAAC). Block 9 is used to describe the priority level for a task. Block 10 necessitates the use of the AMCS’s address.
  • A description of the category, kind of transaction, date of inventory and postage, phone number, as well as the signatures of the authorizing and approving staff, are included in blocks 11 through 18.
  • When filing, the first two blocks (numbers 1, 2, 9, 13, and 15) must be left blank.
  • Blocks 19 through 29 include the actual inventory section for the clothing items, which includes the goods’ names, prices, sizes, and numbers, as well as the items’ descriptions. In the unit commander’s or activity supervisor’s absence, blocks 19 and 24 are filled out. Typically, a resource manager will fill out Block 30 (“Funding Appropriation”) of the form.
  • After the unit supply personnel have approved the DA Form 3078 (which has been filled out and signed), it is submitted to the unit commander. The original form, as well as four duplicates, are maintained on file by authorized staff. In addition to the copy supplied to the soldier, two copies are held by the unit (one for future reference and one until the soldier’s 180 days of duty are completed), and two further copies are retained by the servicing financial office (a copy and the original form).

DA Form 3078 – Army Pubs DA 3078 Fillable

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