DA Form 31 – Army Pubs DA 31 Fillable

DA Form 31 – Army Pubs DA 31 Fillable – Members of the United States Army utilize a DA Form 31 Fillable to seek time off from their duty station. It is sometimes referred to as a Request for Leave and an Authorization for Leave. In most cases, a DA Form 31 Fillable is utilized when someone wants to spend part of their vacation time or when they need to respond to a family emergency at home. This form is used to gather some personal information about the soldier, such as their contact information in case they need to be contacted.

DA Form 31 - Army Pubs DA 31 Fillable

What Exactly is a DA 31 Form?

DA Form 31, Request and Authority for Leave, is a document that must be completed in order to request permission for temporary military leave. Using this form, you may request an emergency leave, a vacation, a travel authorization, or an extended pass.

The Department of the Army makes use of a form known as the DA Form 31. Request and Authority for Leave is the form that must be completed by an Army soldier who wants to request time off from their duty station. This may be a personal leave for reasons like traveling or vacationing, or it could be an emergency leave owing to medical care for a family member or other exigent circumstances.

Personal information required on the DA Form 31 includes the member’s name, residence, United States Army rank, social security number, and the location where the member is presently stationed. It will also require specific details regarding the desired vacation, such as the number of days you want to take off and who else will be accompanying you.

The Army will either deny or accept a soldier’s request for military leave based on the information supplied on this form. By giving as much information as possible regarding your absence, you may aid in the approval of your request for time off. A refusal of your request may arise from your failure to provide all necessary information in your request.

Its regular applications include the following: authorizing leave, recording the start and end of such leave, recording the location and phone number where a soldier may be reached in an emergency, and certifying the number of leave days that may be charged to a soldier’s leave account.

DA Form 31: How Do I Fill It Out?

Begin by obtaining and filling out a DA Form 31 Fillable. You will be denied if any of the blocks on your application are not fully completed, or if any of the blocks include incorrect or erroneous information.

  1. Boxes 1 through 4 need you to provide personal information, such as your name, social security number (SSN), and military branch of service.
  2. Fill in the blanks with the current date in Box 5.
  3. The address of your final destination should be included in Box 6.
  4. In Box 7, make sure that the proper kind of leave is selected.
  5. Fill up the blanks with your stationing information in Box 8.
  6. Fill in the blanks in Boxes 9 and 10 to choose the duration of your leave.
  7. Formal signatures (boxes 11 through 13) and the signature of the person who has the power to approve your request are required in these boxes.
  8. It is necessary to record any extensions to your leave-in boxes 14 through 16. It is also necessary to document the dates and hours of your departure and arrival in boxes 14 through 16. Box 16 will need precise information, and it must be filled out completely and accurately when you arrive at your final destination.
  9. Section II should only be completed if you are requesting emergency leave.
  10. Section III is for you to provide information about any dependents who will be accompanying you on your trip. If this is the case, you will need to provide the person’s complete name, your connection to that dependant, their date of birth, and their passport number in the appropriate fields.

After that, the completed DA Form 31 with digital signature must be sent or printed out and presented to your superiors for their approval. When travelling, you must have your Army Leave Form with you at all times. Notify your commander as soon as possible if your leave destination changes while you are on the road. If you need medical care while on leave, you must report to a military medical centre for treatment.

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