DA Form 3349 – Army Pubs DA 3349 Fillable

DA Form 3349 – Army Pubs DA 3349 Fillable – A form that can be filled out DA Form 3349 is the number of the document. A form is used to record a soldier’s physical condition and skills as they relate to the United States Army. The goal of the form is to document if the soldier’s talents have been recorded. In addition, the soldier’s ability to complete a two-mile run and push-ups is evaluated. Based on a soldier’s physical ability, the form is used to assess the sort of task that he or she can undertake.

DA Form 3349 - Army Pubs DA 3349 Fillable

What Is A DA Form 3349 And How Does It Work?

The United States Department of the Army will utilize a DA Form 3349 to document its actions. It is referred to as a Physical Profile form, and it will be used to maintain track of a soldier’s physical characteristics. This covers their degree of physical fitness as well as their physical ability, among other things.

Among the items on the form is a list of physical activities that a soldier is expected to face throughout his or her military service. The person who is filling out the form must indicate whether or not the individual is competent in doing the work at hand, among other things. Physical testing activities such as the 2-mile run and push-up test will be included in the application form as well as other information. It is necessary to document the soldier’s ability to pass certain physical fitness exams.

A DA Form 3349 is used to guarantee that all personnel of the Armed Forces are in good enough health to serve their country in combat. Soldiers will benefit from knowing their physical profile since it will help them choose the right job for them and be allocated according to their physical aptitude.

Detailed Instructions On How To Complete Da Form 3349

DA Form 3349 will need you to give the following information in order for it to be completed correctly:

  • A medical condition, damage, or illness/disease are all examples of what you should avoid.
  • Codes
  • Is it a temporary or permanent solution?
  • Characteristics of the profile
  • Temporary
  • Permanent
  • Is the soldier eligible for retention if he has three or four pushes and is permanent? In accordance with Chapter 3 AR 40-501
  • The ability to perform functional tasks for permanent or temporary profiles
  • Capable of transporting and firing the designated weapon
  • Capable of moving with a combat load for a distance of at least 2 miles.
  • Capable of donning a protective mask as well as any other chemical defense equipment
  • Capable of putting up a fighting stance for oneself.
  • Possibility of doing 3-5 second sprints under direct and indirect fire
  • Healthy and free of any medical conditions that might preclude deployment
  • APFT
  • a two-mile run
  • Sit-ups are a kind of exercise.
  • Push-ups are a kind of exercise.
  • APFT (alternative APFT)
  • Walk
  • Swim
  • Bike
  • Aerobic conditioning exercises that are standard or modified
  • Running is completely unrestricted.
  • Walking is completely unrestricted.
  • Biking is completely unrestricted.
  • Swimming is completely unrestricted.
  • Alternatively, you may run at your own speed and distance.
  • Alternatively, walk at your own speed and distance.
  • Alternatively, you may cycle at your own speed and distance.
  • Alternatively, swim at your own speed and distance.
  • Weight training for the upper body
  • Weight training for the lower body
  • In addition, there are certain functional limits or remarks.
  • lifting and carrying maximum weight or distance as an option; extended standing time; marching with regular field gear excluding backpack maximum distance; impact activities such as leaping maximum number of repetitions in a day; and prolonged standing time
  • Officers in the field of profiling are identified by their kind and grade.
  • Signature
  • Date
  • approved or not authorized depending on the action taken by the authorizing authority
  • The name and grade of the senior profiling officer or the approval authority should be typed here.
  • Signature and date on a piece of paper
  • The commander of the unit took action.
  • The profile determines if a change in a soldier’s MOS or duty assignment is necessary.
  • Comment
  • Type the unit commander’s name and grade, as well as his or her signature and the date.
  • Identification of the patient
  • Unit
  • The clinic that is issuing the certificate, as well as the provider’s email and phone number

DA Form 3349 – Army Pubs DA 3349 Fillable

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