DA Form 3437 – Army Pubs DA 3437 Fillable

DA Form 3437 – Army Pubs DA 3437 Fillable – Non-Appropriated Funds – Certificate of Medical Examination, also known as Department of the Army Document DA Form 3437, is an official form that is used to record the findings of a pre-employment physical examination for workers of the Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF). The certificate may also be used for periodic job-related physical examinations and exams. Below is a fillable version of the most recent edition of the DA Form 3437, which may be downloaded for free from the link provided. For roles in which the employee may be required to do any of the following:

  • Drivers are responsible for the operation of motor vehicles;
  • Engage in direct physical touch with others (particularly while seeking opportunities in the childcare industry)
  • Work underground, in hazardous environments, or in close proximity to powerful equipment
  • Exertion, hazardous duty, or extreme physical demands are all possible consequences.
  • Contact with food that will be eaten by others is a safety concern.
  • In August 2019, the U.S. Department of the Army (DA) issued the most current version of the form, which is frequently wrongly referred to as DD Form 3437, making the earlier iterations of the document outdated.

DA Form 3437 - Army Pubs DA 3437 Fillable

Tips For Completing DA Form 3437 Of The Department of Agriculture

According to the definition given above, a medical certificate is a written declaration from a medical office that details the findings of a health examination. When it comes to health, it might serve as a sick note or as proof of a specific illness. The Army Regulation 215-3, Nonappropriated Funds Instrumentalities Personnel Policy, contains procedural rules as well as extra information. The following are the instructions for DA Form 3437 in particular:

  • Workers in childcare-related employment must receive yearly medical evaluations that include a tuberculosis skin test, a chest X-ray, and vaccinations for measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, and polio. All of these findings must be documented on their DA Form 3437.

The following paperwork, in addition to the actual certificate, must be included in the city employee’s personal file:

  • Description of the position
  • Resume;
  • Employers must submit DA Form 3433, Application for Nonappropriated Fund Employment, to the Department of Agriculture (DA).
  • Supplemental Employment Application Form (DA Form 3433-1);
  • Nominations for Nonappropriated Funds Employees (DA Form 3434); Nominations for Nonappropriated Funds Employees (DA Form 3434); Nominations for Nonappropriated Funds Employees (DA Form 3434).
  • The Department of the Army Transportation Agreement Nonappropriated Fund Employee, or DA Form 3440, is a form that is used to document a person’s employment with the department.
  • A copy of the DA Form 3473, United States Army National Guard Employee Benefit Election Form, may be obtained here.
  • Light duty work statement of physical ability (DA Form 3666), a document required by the Department of Defense.
  • A Form 5521, Record of Emergency Data and Designation of Beneficiary for Unpaid Compensation of a Deceased NAF Employee, was completed by the Department of Defense.
  • Nonappropriated Fund In processing and Outprocessing Checklist (DA Form 7427);
  • The Nonappropriated Fund Supervisor’s Orientation Checklist, which is included in DA Form 7428, is available online.
  • Civilian Employee Medical Records (CEMR) is a folder that is permitted for the submission of DA Form 3437. During the duration of employment with the United States Army, the CEMR may be kept in either the terminal digit filing system DA Form 3444 Series or the Employee Medical Folder (Form SF-66D).

DA Form 3437 – Army Pubs DA 3437 Fillable

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