DA Form 3645-1 – Army Pubs DA 3645-1 Fillable

DA Form 3645-1 – Army Pubs DA 3645-1 Fillable – Additional Organizational and Individual Equipment Record (DA Form 3645-1), is a document used to record additional transactions involving organizational and individual equipment between a soldier and a Property Book Officer. It is part of the Defense Acquisition System (PBO). By completing and signing the paper, the soldier is formally assuming responsibility for his or her equipment.

According to the United States Department of the Army (DA), the most recent version of the form – frequently wrongly referred to as DD Form 3645-1 – was produced on December 1, 1983; however, the forms issued in January 1982 may be utilized until they are depleted. This page has an up-to-date DA Form 3645-1 fillable form, which you may download and submit electronically via the links below or by visiting the Army Publications Directorate website.

DA Form 3645-1 - Army Pubs DA 3645-1 Fillable

DA Form 3645-1, Organizational Closing and Individual Equipment Record, is an addition to Form 3645, Organizational Closing and Individual Equipment Record, and it is used to document the main items issued at an Organizational Closing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) issue point (also known as an OCIE point). In most cases, the DA Form 3645-1 Form is used to document any additional goods or equipment that the OCIE issue point maintains.

Filling Out DA Form 3645-1: What to Do and What Not to Do

The form is governed by Department of the Army Pamphlet 710-2-1, Using the Unit Supply System (U.S. Army, 2003). (Manual Procedures). The following are the instructions for DA Form 3645-1:

  • Three copies of the document should be created for distribution. The first one is filled out for the Soldier’s military personnel records jacket, the second one is delivered to the Soldier’s unit for completion, and the third one is kept by the person who filled it out. DA Form 3645-1 may be overprinted and utilized as a single OCIE record if it meets the requirements.
  • Until the OCIE issue point makes a new form, a properly prepared and maintained form will continue to be used.
  • If DA Form 3645-1 is being utilized for summarizing reasons, the “Name” section should be labeled as “Summary of Issues,” “Turn-ins,” “Cash Collections,” or “Adjustment Documents,” depending on the nature of the summarizing. In this instance, the Soldier’s name and Social Security number will be entered in the Signature and Date block of the column in which the issuance and turn-in are recorded.
  • It is possible to complete the form online. If the form is filled out by hand, the inputs should be written in ink or pencil to ensure legibility.
  • Each item on the list must have the approved allowance inserted into the appropriate field. To be included in the “Clothing and Equipment” section, a description for each of the things supplied is required. The number of items handled by the person must be specified on the application form in precise numbers. It is necessary to transfer the totals of all the items mentioned to the next column if there are any revisions. The bottom of the opposite side of the form has a place for the individual’s signature and the date of the document.

DA Form 3645-1 – Army Pubs DA 3645-1 Fillable

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