DA Form 3645 – Army Pubs DA 3645 Fillable

DA Form 3645 – Army Pubs DA 3645 Fillable – A document called DA Form 3645, Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment Record, is used for the recording of Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) transactions that take place between service members and the Property Book Officer (PBO). Additionally, the form is used to allocate responsibility for the OCIE. Both issues and turn-ins are included in the transactions. In the United States Army National Guard, the DA Form 3645 is sometimes utilized for short-term distribution of equipment to assist yearly training.

DA Form 3645 - Army Pubs DA 3645 Fillable

It is frequently wrongly referred to as DD Form 3645, however, the most recent version of the form, which was published by the United States Department of the Army (DA) on October 1, 1991, was utilized until the supply of December 1983-issued forms was completely depleted. A fillable version of the most recent edition of DA Form 3645 is available for download below. The DA Form 3645-1, Additional Organizational and Individual Equipment Record, is widely used for a purpose that is comparable to that of the DA Form 3645 and is available online. DA Form 3645-1 is often used to keep track of extra products that are stored and distributed by the OCIE issuing point.

The DA Form 3645: What to Fill Out and How to Fill It Out

The form is governed and supervised by Department of the Army Pamphlet 710-2-1, Using Unit Supply System, which may be found on the Army website (Manual Procedures). The following are the instructions for DA Form 3645:

  • This form is allowed for overprinting and should be completed either digitally or with ink on a standard sheet of paper (“MOS” – pencil, “Auth Alw.” – ink or pencil).
  • Each item in the relevant column must be accompanied by an allowed allowance, which must be provided.
  • The description of the supplied goods should be included in the “Closing and Equipment” section of the document.
  • The person is required to fill out the form by listing the quantity of each item he or she has.
  • The signature of the person, as well as the date of signing, must be included on the backside of the form.
  • DA Form 3645 is created in three copies, and each one is signed. The first copy is kept for military personnel records, and the second copy is sent to the Soldier’s unit for further completion. The OCIE issuing point retains these two copies for its records. The guy chooses to keep the third one for himself. If the form is not reissued by the OCIE issuing point, it will stay in effect.

What Equipment Is Required To Be Turned In On DA Form 3645?

The DA Form 3645 is equipped with the following gear ratios:

  • Bag Chemical Equipment, Bag Chemical Equipment, Bag Chemical Equipment, Bag Chemical Equipment,
  • Apron Food Handlers, often known as
  • PASGT with Body Armor,
  • Cotton Bags for Barracks,
  • Duffel bag, duffel bag, duffel bag
  • Bag Clothing that is water-resistant,
  • Belt Individual Equipment, Belt Individual Equipment, Belt Individual Equipment
  • Woolen Blankets for Beds
  • boots for chilly weather
  • Plastic Water Bottles for Canteens,
  • Carrier Intrenching Tool, Carrier Intrenching Tool, Carrier Intrenching Tool,
  • Case Field First Aid LC-1, Case Field First Aid LC-2, Case Field First Aid LC-3,
  • Case Ammunition for Small Arms,
  • KEVLAR Helmet Camouflage Cover,
  • Covering the Water Canteen
  • Insulated coveralls are available.
  • Cotton coveralls are available.
  • Canteen with a Cup of Water,
  • Field Pack LC-1, LC-2, LC-3
  • Those who work with barb wire should wear gloves.
  • Gloves for Work, Work Cream
  • S, D, and W are all Googles.
  • KEVLAR is a kind of helmet.
  • Pistol in a holster
  • Extremely Cold Weather, Hoodie
  • Insect Bar Nylon, Insect Bar Nylon
  • Hand Tool for Intrenching,
  • Liner Coat for Extreme Cold,
  • Cold Weather Liner Parka, Liner Parka Extreme Cold Weather,
  • Trousers with a Lining for Cold Weather,
  • Sleeping on a mat,
  • Mitten Inserts Made of Wool
  • Shells for Mittens,
  • Trousers for Rainy Weather,
  • Overshoes Boot Combat,
  • Pan Mess Kit (also known as a Pan Mess Kit)
  • Parka Extreme Cold Weather,
  • Wet Weather in the Parka,
  • Pocket Ammo 45cal/9mm,.45 caliber
  • Poncho Wet Weather,
  • Scarf Neckwear OG,
  • Sweater Mans Wool OD-108,
  • Smock Medical Assistant,
  • Shelterhalf Tent,
  • Shirt Cold Weather OG-108,
  • Shirt Sleeping OG-106,
  • Trousers Med Assistant,
  • Sleeping Bag Extreme Cold Weather,
  • Strap Tie Down LC-1,
  • Suit Chemical Protective,
  • Suspenders Individual LC-1,
  • Suspenders Trousers,
  • Trousers Cold Weather OG-107,
  • Trousers Cold Weather OG-108,
  • Vest Ammo Carrier,
  • Gloves Chemical Protective,
  • Foot covers Chemical Protective.

The list may also include other gear issued by the CIF. All OCIE prepared for turn-in must be clean and in serviceable condition. CIF does not accept turn-ins that are not properly cleaned.

DA Form 3645 – Army Pubs DA 3645 Fillable

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