DA Form 3749 – Army Pubs DA 3749 Fillable

DA Form 3749 – Army Pubs DA 3749 Fillable – It is necessary to utilize DA Form 3749, Equipment Receipt, to assign responsibility for Army property that is supplied for short periods regularly. In most cases, this property comprises nuclear, biological, and chemical masks, individually allocated weapons, as well as radiation detection, indication, and calculation equipment that is provided for training purposes. On May 1, 2009, the Department of the Army (DA) of the United States of America issued the most recent version of the form. In addition to the fillable version of the form accessible for download and online filing below, the Army Publishing Directorate website also has an up-to-date fillable version of the form available for download and online filing.

DA Form 3749 - Army Pubs DA 3749 Fillable

An Army Weapons Card must be produced for each weapon and another item that is allocated to a specific soldier, as well as for additional things such as masks and radiation indicator equipment. The papers must be handed over to the soldier who will be in charge of receiving the goods. A new DA Form 3749 does not need to be issued when the Responsible Official has been assigned to the project (RO). The forms issued by prior ROs are acceptable as long as the holder of the card is properly included on the master authorization list. Forms provided by previous ROs are not acceptable (MAL). It is necessary to produce a new duplicate of the Army Weapons Card if an old card is lost, damaged, or destroyed, or if the soldier is assigned to a different unit.

Instructions For DA Form 3749

The Department of the Army’s Pamphlet 710-2-1, Using the Unit Supply System (Manual Procedures), provides an overview of the form and the Department of the Army DA Form 3749 regulation. Equipment (apart from firearms) will be managed in the following ways:

The soldier who receives the equipment will complete the appropriate paperwork for the item of equipment he or she has received and submit it to the RO who is issuing the equipment. As soon as the item is delivered to the RO, the soldier will get his or her completed form back.

The form is divided into nine sections, each of which must be completed in the following manner:

  • Block 1 demands the identification of the soldier’s military unit.
  • The receipt number is entered in Block 2.
  • Block 3 contains the stock number of the item that is being given to the soldier as a gift.
  • Block 4 contains the serial number of the item as it is entered in the property book or on the hand/sub-hand receipt, whichever is applicable.
  • Describe the item in Block 5 of the template.
  • When filling out Block 6, you must provide the name of the section, squad, or unit that is providing the item.
  • The name of the soldier who will be receiving the item or equipment is entered in Block 7.
  • Blocks 8 and 9 are used to record the soldier’s signature and rank in the army.

Who Is The Signatory On Army DA Form 3749?

The Army Weapons Card is signed twice, once on each side. The soldier who receives the equipment in Box 8 signs the form, and then the issuing officer signs the form on the other side of the document.

DA Form 3749 – Army Pubs DA 3749 Fillable

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