DA Form 4651 – Army Pubs DA 4651 Fillable

DA Form 4651 – Army Pubs DA 4651 Fillable – Army Reserve Reservists may apply to be transferred using DA Form 4651, Request for Reserve Component Assignment or Attachment. This form is used across the United States military to request to be transferred. DA (Department of the Army), in its newest version, was issued on August 1, 2005, according to the DA. An up-to-date fillable version of the DA Form 4651 is available for download and electronic filing below, or it may be downloaded from the Army Publishing Directorate website by visiting www.armypublishingdirectorate.com.

DA Form 4651 - Army Pubs DA 4651 Fillable

DA When a soldier who wishes to transfer has found a new unit, he or she must complete DA Form 4651 to complete the transfer. Only with the permission of the commanders of both the receiving and the losing unit may an assignment between a soldier’s present unit and a new unit take place. Transfer requests must be completed and sent higher up the chain of command by all Reserve Duty troops who seek to move between Reserve units for the transfer to be granted. When a form is submitted, it must be signed by both the acquiring and losing unit commanders for it to be considered complete.

Instructions For DA Form 4651

  • Boxes 1 and 2 include contact information for the authorities that were defeated and victorious.
  • Individuals filling out the form must include their personal information in Boxes 3a through 3n. This information includes their name, address, social security number (if they have one), current branch, height, and weight. The requestor should also describe the circumstances that led to the request for the change.
  • Described in Box 4 are the sort of action taken and the cause for the transfer.
  • In Boxes 5 and 6, the form must include information on both the gaining and losing units, as well as the stated names, grades, and appropriate signatures of the unit commanders.
  • Additional accessories to the DA Form 4651 are included in Box 7. Orders, DD Form 4, DD Form 214, Military Personnel Record Jacket (MPRJ), and other papers are examples of what is considered official government documentation.
  • The request should be sent to the receiving unit and signed there when it has been completed. A soldier’s unit commander and a retention non-commissioned officer (NCO) will give them reassignment counseling before they are transferred to another unit. Following that, all of the necessary papers will be sent through the chain of command to finish the process of reassigning the soldier to a new squad.
  • It is recommended that the form contain the statement “Scholarship Recipient – recoupment applies” if it is being used to seek transfers for Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship recipients or statutorily or contractually required commissioned officers (CO). After the form has been completed, it will be delivered to the appropriate order issuing body for review and consideration.

DA Form 4651 – Army Pubs DA 4651 Fillable

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