DA Form 4949 – Army Pubs DA 4949 Fillable

DA Form 4949 – Army Pubs DA 4949 FillableDA Form 4949 is a document that is used to describe property objects and transmit that information to the automated property accounting system. Correction of errors or miscopied numbers on issuance papers is likewise accomplished using DA Form 4949. It was last revised by the United States Department of the Army (DA) on January 1, 1982, rendering all prior iterations of the form obsolete. The form is frequently wrongly referred to as DD Form 4949.

DA Form 4949 - Army Pubs DA 4949 Fillable

It is recommended that a copy of the Army Administrative Adjustment Report be attached to all copies of hand receipts to provide an audit trail, which should then be put in the “supporting documents” file. The form is available for public distribution and may be duplicated in whatever number of copies necessary to suit local requirements.

The DA Form 4949: What to Do and What Not to Do

The Department of the Army’s Pamphlet 710-2-1, Using the Unit Supply System, contains procedural principles and extra information (Manual Procedures). These are the directions for completing DA Form 4949:

  • It is necessary to fill out the “Organization/Activity” field with information about the unit that will be in charge of managing the property book. You should fill up the appropriate area with the document number that will be used for closing out all manual property pages and recording the transfer from paper to electronic records.
  • Property of the following UICs has been removed from manual accounting records, which must be included in the “Change Form” section. There must be a complete list of UICs. Items should be identified by their stock numbers, item descriptions, their unit of issue, and their total quantities, which should all be placed into the appropriate columns of the table.
  • This section must include the following statement: “Property of the following UICs has been transformed to the… (name of the automated system).” There must be a complete list of UICs.
  • D.A. PAM 710-2-1 serves as the governing authority. Any further actions that are required must be chosen from the drop-down menu underneath the major columns on the application form.
  • Each of the initiating officers and the property book officers shall sign and date the DA Form 4949 before it may be used.

DA Form 4949 – Army Pubs DA 4949 Fillable

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