DA Form 4986 – Army Pubs DA 4986 Fillable

DA Form 4986 – Army Pubs DA 4986 Fillable – Previous versions of the Personal Property Record, DA Form 4986, were used to record and identify high-value personal property owned by a government agency. This covers any personal property with a value of $50 or more that is estimated. The information from the form may have been utilized to file a claim against the government for the loss or damage done to that property in the future.

DA Form 4986 - Army Pubs DA 4986 Fillable

Additionally, the information supplied via the DA Form 4986 may have been utilized to aid in the recovery and return of the item if it was ever lost or misplaced.

Is The DA Form 4986 A Legitimate Document?

The Department of the Army (DA) produced the most recent version of the form, which is frequently wrongly referred to as DD Document 4986, on May 1, 1981, according to the form’s official name. According to the Army Publishing Directorate website, the release and redistribution of the form have been halted as of today, and there are no fillable DA Form 4986 copies accessible for download anywhere online.

What Form Does Will Take The Place Of DA Form 4986?

In October 2002, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FB) produced Form 4986-E, Personal Property Record, which replaced the now-outdated DA Form 4986. The 4986-E is a variant of the DA Form 4986 that was issued by Fort Bragg. A variety of other Facebook Forms are available for download and e-filing from our online library as well.

DA Form 4986 – Army Pubs DA 4986 Fillable

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