DA Form 5118 – Army Pubs DA 5118 Fillable

DA Form 5118 – Army Pubs DA 5118 Fillable – Form 5158, Reassignment Status and Election Statement is a military document that is used at the start of a soldier’s reassignment cycle or as the foundation for commencing particular assignment processes for a soldier. This specialized assignment processing includes deletions, deferments, extra service, and any other special processing that may be required by the assignment.

DA Form 5118 - Army Pubs DA 5118 Fillable

After the Army (DA) issued the most recent version of the form on October 1, 2012, all prior versions were rendered obsolete. The form is frequently falsely referred to as DD Form 5118, however, this is not the case.

It is necessary to utilize the DA Form 5118 to perform the first pre-reassignment screening to assess whether the soldier is eligible to comply with the assignment. Disclosure of any personal information is entirely optional, however, failure to do so will result in needless delays in the transfer of funds.

Instructions For DA Form 5118

  • DA Form 2-1, Personnel Qualification Record, is used to fill up Part I (“Military Personnel Division/Personnel Service Company”) once the EDAS cycle has been compared to it.
  • During the first section, the soldier must enter their name, social security number, grade, Primary Military Occupational Specialty (PMOS) code, additional skill identifier (ASI), and control language, as well as information about their current unit, gaining unit, the Enlisted Distribution Assignment System (EDAS) cycle, the date on which they completed the form, and the date on which they are expected to arrive.
  • In the remaining sections of Part I, the MPD or Personnel Service Company (PSC) must fill out Sections A through C, which must be certified by the reassignment clerk before the document can be signed by the reassignment clerk.
  • In Part II, which is titled “Battalion Status,” the chief staff officer of the battalion commander fills out the information. In Sections D and E, the soldier completes just Items 1 through 15, but the officer completes Sections D and E in their entirety. When you conclude Part II, your battalion commander will sign and date the form before submitting it to the MPD or PSC with completed “Soldier Status” and “Election Statement” attachments.
  • It is the soldier’s responsibility to fill out Part III (“Soldier Status and Election Statement”). When it comes to the soldier’s status, Section F is concerned with that, while Section G is concerned with the soldier’s status when serving outside of the continental United States (OCONUS). Please elaborate on each affirmative response in the Remarks section at the bottom of this form.
  • When Part III is completed, the soldier signs and dates the part before moving on to Part IV of the assignment (“Wartime Status”).
  • After that, the signed and completed DA Form 5118 is turned over to the battalion S1.

DA Form 5118 – Army Pubs DA 5118 Fillable

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