DA Form 54 – Army Pubs DA 54 Fillable

DA Form 54 – Army Pubs DA 54 Fillable – This is a military form that was made available by the Department of the Army (DA) of the United States on February 1, 2009. The form, which is often referred to incorrectly as the DD Form 54, is a military form that is used by and within the United States Army. As of now, the DA does not give any specific directions for completing the form.

DA Form 54 - Army Pubs DA 54 Fillable

Form Specifications:

  • The following is a one-page document available for download in PDF format:
  • The Army Publishing Directorate’s most recent edition is available for download.
  • It is editable, free, and simple to use.
  • Fill out the form in our online filing application by following the instructions.

How To Complete The Form

Step 1 – Fill in the blanks in blocks 1 through 7 as shown below:

  • Individual’s name (of the dead, the captured, and/or the missing). Please provide your last name, first name, and MI format.
  • Grade
  • Organization
  • Currently, the situation is as follows: (missing, deceased, or captured)
  • The current status of the situation is as follows:
  • Place

Step 2 – All personal belongings must be identified and accounted for in Section 8, Inventory of Effects:

  • a. Quantity (of the item(s) to be mentioned in column a.) b. Type of item(s)
  • Item No. b. (specify each item individually)
  • Section 9 a., Funds and Negotiable Instruments, is the third step.

Give specifics on who has received the funds/negotiable instruments that have been transferred.

Step 4 – In Section 9 b., Funds Deposited Or Otherwise Disposed Of, fill in the blanks with the following information:

  • The amount and Descriptive Information
  • Moods and Attitudes (state the final destination of the funds)
  • Blocks 10 through 11 are the fifth step.

Effects that were sent to (include the name and shipping address of recipient)

Including the date and method of shipment (include the register number, B/L number, and so forth).

In Summary Court or via the Commanding Officer’s Representative, complete blocks a. through d. (section 12.): Step 6:

  • Signed in the first place
  • c. The Type and Grade of Item
  • c. The dated. The structure of the organization

This part is for the receiver to recognize, sign, and date in the blocks a. through c.: Section 13 (Step 7).

  • Block 13 must be read by the recipient.
  • Signed with a signature (recipient must acknowledge receiving all items in blocks 8 and 9, by signature in section 13 block a.)
  • Name of Recipient should be printed or typed (in section 13, block b.)
  • When is the event taking place? (section 13 block c.)
  • This form may be completed online or printed for manual completion.

DA Form 54 – Army Pubs DA 54 Fillable

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