DA Form 5500 – Army Pubs DA 5500 Fillable

DA Form 5500 – Army Pubs DA 5500 Fillable – When someone seeks to enlist in the United States Army, they must complete a fillable DA Form 5500 application form. The Body Fat Content Worksheet, as it is often called, is a form that is used to record the prospective soldier’s percentage of body fat. This is significant because the United States Army has specific requirements that those who seek to join the US Army must meet in order to be accepted. In addition to capturing the individual’s body fat percentage, the device also records the prospective recruit’s height and weight information.

DA Form 5500 - Army Pubs DA 5500 Fillable

What Exactly is a DA Form 5500?

The Department of the Army uses the DA Form 5500 Form to document its operations. Those interested in serving their country in the military are required to satisfy specific physical qualifications. Interested parties will have their body fat percentage measured by the Department of the Army in order to determine whether they are qualified to enrol or continue serving in the military. The Body Fat Content Worksheet is a form that collects a person’s measurements and calculates their body fat percentage based on those parameters.

It will be necessary to take measurements around the neck and around the belly. Each measurement is taken three times to ensure accuracy, and the average of these three figures is used to get the final result. The document will also ask for the prospective person’s height and weight, as well as other personal information. It is also necessary to indicate their Army rank if they are actively engaged in military service.

Instructions on How To finish a DA 5500 (Step by Step)

In order to correctly complete a DA Form 5500, you will need to supply the following information:

  • Identifying information (Last, First, Middle initial)
  • Identifying information such as a social security number
  • Rank
  • Height is measured to the nearest 0.50 inches.
  • To the closest pound, calculate your weight.
  • Age
  • Make three measurements of your abdomen, one at each level of the naval, rounding down to the closest 0.50 inch each time.
  • Neck circumference measurements slightly below the level of the larynx rounded up to the closest 0.50 inch, repeated three times
  • The average circumference of the abdomen
  • The average circumference of the neck
  • The circumference measurement (abdominal circumference – neck circumference)
  • Height
  • Calculate body fat percentage using the circumference and height values in figure B-5 (Percent Fat Estimation for Men). Body fat percentage is the number that intersects with the circumference and height values.
  • Remarks
  • Indicate whether the person is in compliance with Army Standards, whether the individual is not in compliance with standards, or whether the individual’s required monthly weight reduction is 3 to 8 pounds.
  • Signature and rank of the person who produced the form, as well as the date the document was completed
  • Name, signature, supervisor’s rank, and the date the form was signed are all printed on the form.

DA Form 5500 – Army Pubs DA 5500 Fillable

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