DA Form 5501 – Army Pubs DA 5501 Fillable

DA Form 5501 – Army Pubs DA 5501 Fillable – The United States Army uses a fillable DA Form 5501 to record the body fat of female troops on current duty and female recruits in the military service. This worksheet is also referred to as a Body Fat Content Worksheet in certain circles. The goal of completing this form is to confirm that the soldier or recruit satisfies the criteria of the United States Army for an acceptable amount of body fat before commissioning.

DA Form 5501 - Army Pubs DA 5501 Fillable

What Exactly Is A DA Form 5501?

The Department of the Army will utilize the DA Form 5501 to document the service of recruits and current members of the Armed Forces in the future. The worksheet is referred to as a Body Fat Content Worksheet. This specific body fat sheet will be used to measure the fat percentage of ladies. The qualifications for this sheet are different from those for males.

Applicants for military service must be in excellent physical and mental health before they may be accepted into or continue serving in the Army. This implies that the individual must maintain a healthy amount of body fat. This sheet is used to determine the amount of body fat a person has. It will include the individual’s neck, waist, and hip measurements, as well as other pertinent information. These measures are then used to compute the amount of fat in the body. It must fall within a particular permissible weight range, and it cannot be either overweight or underweight.

How To Fill Out A DA Form 5501

You must give the following information on a DA Form 5501 to complete it:

  • Name
  • Rank
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Measurements were taken three times, then the average was calculated to the closest 0.50 inches.
  • Neck below the larynx – round up to the closest 0.50 inch in length.
  • Abdomen at the smallest possible abdominal circumference – round to the closest 0.50 inch
  • Hips at the spot where the gluteus muscles protrude the farthest rearward – round down to the closest 0.50 inch on the diagonal
  • Calculations
  • The average circumference of the waist
  • The hip circumference on the average
  • Measure the sum of your typical waist and hip circumferences.
  • Height Measured in inches to the closest 0.50 inch in precision
  • Figure B-2 shows a body fat percentage that intersects with the circumference and height measurements (Percent Fat Estimation for Women)
  • Indicate whether you comply with Army requirements or not, as well as a recommendation for monthly weight loss
  • Signature, rank, and date were used to prepare this document.
  • approved by supervisor: printed name and signature, rank, date; approved by the supervisor

DA Form 5501 – Army Pubs DA 5501 Fillable

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