DA Form 5823 – Army Pubs DA 5823 Fillable

DA Form 5823 – Army Pubs DA 5823 Fillable – This form, designated as Department of the Army Form 5823 (Equipment Identification Card), collects information on military equipment used by the United States Army and is used to identify such equipment. After each servicing, the Equipment Identification Card must be updated with the most recent information. Whenever a form is no longer readable, it must be replaced.

DA Form 5823 - Army Pubs DA 5823 Fillable

The United States Department of the Army (DA) produced the most recent version of the form, which is frequently wrongly referred to as DD Form 5823, on September 1, 1989, according to the DA. Alternatively, the Army Publishing Directorate website provides a link to an up-to-date fillable version of the Equipment Identification Card, which may be downloaded and submitted online below.

Each equipment record folder is accompanied by a copy of the DA Form 5823. To ensure that equipment is serviced and upgraded as quickly as possible, dispatchers and operators of the equipment utilize this tool. If the unit is automated with the Unit Level Logistics System (ULLS), the form is not required, and all of the equipment data is entered on DA Form 5987-E, Motor Equipment Dispatch, which is available on the Department of Defense website.

Instructions for DA Form 5823

The form is governed by the Army’s DA Pam 750-8, The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) Users Manual, which was published in 2011. The following are the filing instructions:

  • Block 1 necessitates the use of the piece of equipment’s bumper number. Block 2 contains the model’s identification number. Block 3 contains the entry of the noun or noun abbreviation. Block 4 needs the equipment’s National Stock Number (NSN). Serial numbers or registration numbers are entered in Block 5 of the form (only for equipment managed by registration numbers).
  • In Block 6, it is defined when the next Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP) sample is to be collected and at what time it must be collected. This entry must be completed entirely in pencil.
  • This information may be obtained from DD Form 314 (Preventive Maintenance Schedule and Record), or an AOAP lab print-out, if appropriate. Only AOAP equipment needs the completion of this form. Block 7 is used to describe the amount of time or miles after which the equipment must be serviced again. This information may also be obtained on DD Form 314 (Department of Defense). This entry must be completed entirely in pencil. Block 8 is used to specify how long or how many miles the equipment has been used before it needs fresh lubrication. DD Form 314 is used to keep track of the information.
  • Block 9 is where you provide the operator’s last name and rank in the company. This is a handwritten entry in pencil. If there are many operators, the block must be left blank to avoid confusion. It is necessary to complete Block 10 by providing the last name and rank of the operator’s leader or supervisor. This entry must be completed entirely in pencil.

DA Form 5823 – Army Pubs DA 5823 Fillable

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