DA Form 5913 – Army Pubs DA 5913 Fillable

DA Form 5913 – Army Pubs DA 5913 Fillable – A Field Kitchen Strength and Feeder Report (DA Form 5913) is a form that is used to provide field kitchens with information about the number of soldiers or trainees who are present at a training location. On this form, you can also specify the length of time that the unit will be participating in the training.

DA Form 5913 - Army Pubs DA 5913 Fillable

The most recent version of the form, which is frequently wrongly referred to as DD Form 5913, was made available by the United States Department of the Army (DA) on March 1, 2006, and is available online. A fillable version of the Army Publishing Directorate’s DA Form 5913 is available for download and digital filing below, or it can be found on the Army Publishing Directorate’s website.

Units must complete their DA Form 5913 before the start of the training period and submit the form in three copies to the training center. The first copy is retained by the asking unit, the second copy is sent to the field kitchen, and the third copy is forwarded to the supply department.

Instructions For DA Form 5913

The Department of the Army’s Pamphlet 30-22, Operating Procedures for the Army Food Program, contains a comprehensive description of the DA Form 5913 and its application procedures. The following are the filing instructions:

  • The top line of the form requires the designation of the requesting unit, the name of the supporting field kitchen or Troop Issue Subsistence Activity (TISA) that will receive the form, and the date by which the form is to be completed, among other information.
  • All that has to be completed is the first box of the report dates. That should be the first day of training, which should also coincide with the first day of field kitchen support, as outlined in the schedule.
  • Box 5 (“Request/Report”) should be left blank unless otherwise specified.
  • The next section is a list that asks for the total number of personnel from each branch of service that is present at the training facility. This figure comprises all officers, enlisted troops, civilians, and military personnel who have been admitted to medical facilities. Lines that are not being utilized should be left blank.
  • The service branches indicated in Box 6 may not have covered all of the types of employees that were present; thus, additional categories may be added in Box 7. This is also true in situations when assistance is concentrated for several different groups.
  • If you are selling meals for cash, leave line 8 blank.
  • It is necessary to enter the entire number of current employees stated in Boxes 6 and 7 in Line 9 (“Grand Total”).
  • Box 10 should be filled out with any other information that would be beneficial for the field kitchen (“Remarks”). This information should contain the number of days spent in training as well as the date on which the people will leave.

DA Form 5913 – Army Pubs DA 5913 Fillable

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