DA Form 638 – Army Pubs DA 638 Fillable

DA Form 638 – Army Pubs DA 638 Fillable – The United States Army makes use of a fillable DA Form 638. A soldier’s application for an award is completed when a higher-ranking soldier wants to nominate another for one. It is necessary to complete this form with information on the soldier who should be considered for the award, as well as information about the specific office that is making the proposal. Furthermore, the agency submitting the proposal will be required to explain why the soldier should be considered for the award in its recommendation.

DA Form 638 – Army Pubs DA 638 Fillable

What is a DA Form 638?

The Department of the Army makes use of a form known as the DA Form 638. In order to propose a specific soldier for a specific award, this form must be completed. Someone who is filling out this form will need to be aware of the soldier’s personal details. Also required are their personal details as well as the contact information for the office that will be receiving their application for an honour.

For the form to be completed correctly, the individual doing it must know what kind of prize they are proposing. The DA Form 638 will need a detailed explanation of the heroism that took place in order to be accepted. There are a plethora of acts of heroism and accomplishments that may be mentioned for the soldier being nominated.

It is possible to suggest a soldier for most awards using DA Form 638, Recommendation for Award, which is a United States Army form. It is not used for recommending soldiers for combat awards, medals for bravery, or awards for heroism. The form is used to evaluate individual nominations for decorations or awards, to record judgments made on such applications, and to keep individual award case files, all of which are done electronically.

How to Fill Out DA Form 638?

The following are the instructions for DA Form 638:

  1. The address of the final approval authority must be included in Box 1. Input the address of the office that is immediately above the recommender.
  2. Box 2 should include the name and address of the commander who will be submitting the suggestion to the higher-ups for approval.
  3. Box 3 will be automatically filled in once Box 19 has been filed.
  4. Part I is dedicated to the entry of the soldier’s personal information. Enter and save the service member’s complete name, rank, social security number, and organization if he or she is nominated for a military honour or decoration.
  5. Box 8 should include a list of all prior prizes. In order for the record to be accurate, it must match the soldier’s most recent Officer Record Brief (ORB) or Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) (ERB). If this is the first time they have received an award in their career, they should enter “No AWDS.”
  6. Box 9 has a drop-down menu where you may choose a branch service.
  7. In Boxes 10 and 11, choose the kind of award that is being suggested, as well as the time period that will be covered.
  8. In Boxes 12 and 13, provide a justification for the prize as well as a suggested date for its presentation.
  9. Part II of the form contains Boxes 14 through 19, which are intended to include personal information about the recommender and their connection to the awardee, as well as information about the awardee.
  10. It is used in Part III of the recommendation to highlight the soldier’s accomplishments that led to the recommendation. Provide concrete bullet examples for the Army Achievement Medal (AAM), Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM), and Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) to demonstrate your understanding (MSM). For LMS and above, narrative page and paragraph structure should be used.
  11. Box 21 contains a description of the suggested citations.
  12. Part IV is responsible for recording the approval received across the whole chain of command, which is required for the suggestion to be finalized and validly implemented.

Proposed Citation for DA Form 638

You should keep in mind that while you are recommending citations for DA Form 638, the citations will be moved by the Commander’s staff to the Army Commendation Medal Certificate. This certificate has intrinsic historical significance, and the citation block should be carefully constructed to reflect this. Despite the fact that acronyms and abbreviations are not prohibited by the policy, it is recommended that they be limited to the most widely recognized ones. In order to avoid distracting the reader from the major arguments of the essay, the descriptive narrative should be short and brief.

DA Form 638 – Army Pubs DA 638 Fillable PDF

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