DA Form 67-10-1A – Army Pubs DA 67-10-1A Fillable

DA Form 67-10-1A – Army Pubs DA 67-10-1A Fillable – Officer Evaluation Report Support Form, also known as DA Form 67-10-1A, is a document that is utilized throughout the process of Officer Evaluation in the United States Army. When producing a report for the Department of the Army (DA), this form will aid the rating chain in assembling information on the performance and prospective assessments of rated officers.

DA Form 67-10-1A - Army Pubs DA 67-10-1A Fillable

The most recent version of the support form was made available to users on November 1, 2015. A current and fillable DA Form 67-10-1A is available for download at the link provided below. Form 67, Form Processing Action Request, should not be confused with the other form 67, Form Processing Action Request, which is used to request the cancellation or revision of an existing form, as well as the addition of a new form to the Department of Defense inventory, which is referred to as DD Form 67.

What Is DA Form 67-10-1A and Why Do I Need It?

Rating authorities are required to evaluate the rated officer’s performance about their assigned position as well as their potential for service in positions of a higher rank as part of the OER completion process. The rated officer may self-evaluate themselves using the DA Form 67-10-1A, which asks them to consider six factors: their character, presence, intellectual ability, leadership skills, growth, and accomplishments, among others. In addition, the officer is supposed to identify objectives for future growth.

At the start of the rating period, the rated officer gets a copy of the supporting form in addition to their original. During face-to-face counseling sessions, they must complete sections of the form and turn it into the rating chain. After the rating period, the completed form allows the officer who has been assessed to offer some personal input to the finished officer evaluation report.

Instructions For Using DA Form 67-10-1A

  • The rated officer will be provided two copies of the DA Form 67-10-1A at the start of the rating period, one of which will be handed to the senior rater and the other which will be maintained by the officer.
  • Within 30 days of the start of the rating period, the rated soldier will be required to attend therapy sessions. A discussion will take place between the rating officer and the rated officer during which they will review the extent of the rated Soldier’s task description, performance targets, and personal development goals will be established.
  • Parts I through III are administrative, and they collect identifying information and verification from all parties participating in the assessment process. Part IV is the evaluation itself.
  • Parts IV and V of the form are completed by the rated officer. Part IV is devoted to outlining their obligations and duties to the organization.
  • Detailed in nature, Part V must contain an in-depth review of the officer’s character, military, and professional demeanor as well as fitness, confidence, mental agility, and expertise as well as a summary of the officer’s leadership qualities and accomplishments.

DA Form 67-10-1A – Army Pubs DA 67-10-1A Fillable

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