DA Form 67-10-4 – Army Pubs DA 67-10-4 Fillable

DA Form 67-10-4 – Army Pubs DA 67-10-4 Fillable – Strategic Grade Plate General Officer Evaluation Report, is a form that is used for assessing Brigadier Generals and other higher-ranking officers in the United States Army. In addition to compiling significant information regarding the rated officers’ competency, mental and physical health, and prospects for advancement, the report is also given to the Department of Army Headquarters (HQDA) for consideration.

DA Form 67-10-4 - Army Pubs DA 67-10-4 Fillable

According to the United States Department of the Army (DA), the most recent version of the General Officer Report was issued on November 1, 2015. A fillable DA Form 67-10-44 that is up to date may be downloaded from the link provided below. However, it should not be confused with the Form Processing Action Request, also known as DD Form 67, which is used to request the cancellation or revision of an existing United States Department of Defense (DoD) form or the addition of a new publication to the Department of Defense (DoD) library, among other things.

What Is DA Form 67-10-4 and How Do I Use It?

The new DA Form 67-10 Series was released on April 1, 2014, replacing the previous series. The purpose of the DA Form 67-10-4 is to examine and grade officer performance more precisely and by their particular responsibilities. Officers of all ranks were assessed using the DA 67-10 series of forms, which superseded the single universal DA Form 67-9 that evaluated officers regardless of their rank.

The General Officer Report is written by a rater, a senior rater, and an intermediate rater, all of whom may be asked to participate in the review process. The review process itself consists of tight supervision, a skills assessment, a face-to-face conversation, and a personal skills evaluation completed by the officer who will be evaluated.

Instructions For Using DA Form 67-10-4

  • GOR-OER Part I (“Administrative Data”) contains identifying information about the officer undergoing review. This information includes the officer’s name, rank, unit, and rated months as well as the amount of non-rated time codes as well as the purpose for submitting the GOR-OER.
  • Authentication of the rated officer and rating officials is accomplished via the usage of Part II of the GOR-OER. The GOR-OER must be signed by all stakeholders at least 14 days before the THRU date on the report is due to be submitted.
  • A summary of the actions and responsibilities performed by the rated officer is provided in Part III (“Duty Description”). All information must be provided as its whole, and it must be factually true.
  • It is the officer’s professionalism, competence, and personal characteristics that are evaluated in Part IV. It gives an evaluation of the performance of a rated officer following the specified criteria. Part IV of the report discusses the officer’s personal qualities, physical abilities, and intellectual abilities.
  • Part V of the report contains the senior rater’s assessment of the rated officer’s potential.
  • A copy of DA Form 67-10-1A, Officer Evaluation Report Support Form, or a similar document must be filed with the senior rater to offer extra personal information that will help the senior rater and complement the reports and documents submitted for examination.

DA Form 67-10-4 – Army Pubs DA 67-10-4 Fillable

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