DA Form 67-9-1 – Army Pubs DA 67-9-1 Fillable

DA Form 67-9-1 – Army Pubs DA 67-9-1 Fillable – The DA Form 67-9-1, Officer Evaluation Report Support Form, is a document that is used in conjunction with the DA Form 67-9, Officer Evaluation Report, throughout the process of officer evaluation. This form, in particular, contains a self-assessment of the rated officer, as well as their judgment of personal duties, useful skills, competence, and accomplishments, among other information.

DA Form 67-9-1 - Army Pubs DA 67-9-1 Fillable

The United States Army altered its officer evaluation reporting system in April 2014 to a new format that allows officers to be evaluated and rated in a way that is more follows Army doctrine. The Army moved from the DA 67-9 series to the DA 67-10 series, which was implemented in April 2014. Officers will be evaluated in a variety of ways depending on their rank in the new series. According to the United States Department of the Army (DA), the most recent printable version of the DA Form 67-9-1 was made available on October 1, 2011, and it is accessible for download below.

Form 67, Form Processing Action Request, is not to be confused with Form 67, Form Processing Action Request, which is often known as DA Form 67 for short. It is used to seek the addition of a new DD Form to the Department of Defense (DoD) database, as well as to request the change or deletion of an existing DD Form in the DoD database.

Instructions For Using DA Form 67-9-1

To begin the rating period, the rated officer will get a copy of the DA Form 67-9-1, which will serve as their manual. This means that they are responsible for filling out Parts V and VI, as well as for verifying their attendance at a face-to-face conversation by signing Part III.

The officer must provide the names of the branches in which they would want to serve as well as the future postings that they believe they would be most suitable for. This is intended to foster a top-down focus on leadership communication while also incorporating the rated officer into the performance counseling and assessment process, according to the directive.

OER Report DA Form 67-9-1 is used only to compile the report; it is not transmitted to headquarters with the OER Report itself.

DA Form 67-9-1 – Army Pubs DA 67-9-1 Fillable

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