DA Form 705 – Army Pubs DA 705 Fillable

DA Form 705 – Army Pubs DA 705 Fillable – Military Department of the Army DA Form 705, Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard, is used to score and monitor the results of Army Physical Fitness Tests (APFT) and determine whether or not a soldier has met the standards. In addition to being published and utilized by the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), the form is also made available by the United States Army personnel division that administers the exam.

DA Form 705 - Army Pubs DA 705 Fillable

On October 1, 2020, the United States Department of the Army (DA) amended this form, which is often wrongly referred to as DD Form 705 (Department of Defense Form 705). To access the most recent version, please click on the link below, which will take you to the United States Army Publishing Directorate website, where you may also digitally file or download the document.

What Is the Army APFT Scorecard and How Does It Work?

A scoring and assessment form for army physical fitness exams, DA Form 705 is used during physical fitness evaluations. Each soldier’s personal information is included on this form along with a chart for assessing the performance and another graph to help with calculations. A person’s personal information, such as their age group or gender, might have an impact on the interpretation of a test. Before submitting the form, it must be completely filled out.

Before each test event, the soldier participating in the test passes over a DA Form 705 to the scorer. Once the exam is completed and the results have been computed, copies of the form are sent to the officers who conducted the tests as well as to the troops who participated in the APFT.

The DA Form 705: What To Do and How to Fill It Out

  • The soldier who will be taking the APFT will be provided with the form prior to the exam. They must complete the top lines of the form, which include their personal information. If an individual takes the army physical fitness exam more than four times throughout his or her military service, the same information must be repeated on all extra sections of the application.
  • Before each test event, the soldier gives the scorecard over to the official who will record the results. Push-ups, sit-ups, the two-mile run, and alternate aerobic events are all scored separately from the rest of the competition. The raw scores for all exercises, with the exception of the alternate aerobic event, are recorded by the scorer. They must mark the relevant box with the words “Go” or “No Go” to indicate that they have completed each section of the exam.
  • At the conclusion of the exam, the scorer will compute the results using the army standards chart included in DA Form 705 (Army Standards Chart).
  • Once all of this has been completed, the supervising officer must fill in the overall findings and, if required, offer further remarks before entering the date of the test and signing the form. Both the commanders who will be giving the exam and the troops who will be taking it will keep copies of the results.

The Army’s Physical Examination Requirements

The Army Physical Test is a three-event test designed to assess physical strength, endurance, and cardio-respiratory fitness in soldiers serving in the military. The findings of the exam will serve as a reference in setting the training requirements for troops.

Push-ups for two minutes, sit-ups for two minutes, and a timed 2-mile run are among the activities on the test. If running is not an option, an alternate aerobic event might be employed instead of running. There are many options for this exam: an 800-yard swim, a 6.2-mile stationary cycle ergometer test, a 6.2-mile cycling ride, or a 2.5-mile walk. It is not possible to adjust the sequence of events.

Following each event, the performance is reviewed and reported on DA Form 705 (Disability Assessment Form). The score is determined by the participant’s age, gender, number of repeat tries, and amount of time that has passed for each event.

From October 2018, the United States Army will deploy a new gender-neutral fitness test to assess service personnel’s ability to execute 23 different jobs in a safe and efficient manner. The challenges will be more varied and will place a greater emphasis on agility and abilities rather than being purely strength-oriented. Each of the test categories will consist of six events in total: a deadlift, a standing power throw, T-pushups, and “sprint-drag-carry,” which will include a 25-meter sprint while pulling a 90-pound sled and carrying two 40-pound kettlebells, as well as a leg tuck while hanging from a bar and a two-mile run.

In Order To Pass The APFT, What Is The Bare Minimum Score?

When it comes to APFT, the minimum score is determined by the prerequisites for graduation. In order to graduate from boot camp, the soldier must get 150 points or higher, or 50 points for each event in which he participates. The minimum number of points necessary to graduate from Advance Infantry Training is 180, or 60 points for each event. Scores around the minimum, on the other hand, are regarded low and might have a negative impact on one’s personal record.

DA Form 705 – Army Pubs DA 705 Fillable

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