DA Form 71 – Army Pubs DA 71 Fillable

DA Form 71 – Army Pubs DA 71 Fillable – The Oath of Office – Military Personnel Form is a fillable DA Form 71 that can be downloaded and printed. This form is used by the United States Army to record when a soldier or officer accepts a new assignment while still serving in the Army Reserve. It serves as a record of when a soldier is promoted to the rank of officer or when an officer accepts a new rank. In addition to the specified soldier or officer signing the DA Form 71, the person who administers the oath must also sign the document.

DA Form 71 - Army Pubs DA 71 Fillable

What Exactly is a DA Form 71?

A DA Form 71, commonly known as an Oath of Office – Military Personnel form, is used to swear in military personnel. The Department of the Army of the United States uses this acronym. Soldiers and officers will use this form to keep track of when they accept a new position. This is a required form that must be completed whenever it is required.

The form will specify which sort of oath is being administered and in which branch of the United States Army. The individual who will be appointed as an officer is required to fill out the form completely and sign it. A DA Form 71 may become legally enforceable after it has been signed, thus it should be thoroughly studied before completion is finalized. Before the form may be considered properly completed, it must be signed by the person who is giving the oath.

Instructions For DA Form 71

See Army Regulation 135-100, Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Army, for further information on the DA Form 71 and other Army regulations. The following are the processes for the appointment of officers:

  • As a result, after the appointment has been approved, the officials are allocated to the relevant section of the organization. Branches are defined by the credentials of the candidate as well as the number of openings to be filled.
  • For former commissioned officers of any branch of the United States Armed Forces who are on active duty in the Army and have the appropriate qualifications, there are several options for accepting an appointment in a branch to which they were previously assigned or in a branch to which they previously held an appointment.
  • In accordance with the instructions, a memorandum of appointment and DA Form 71 are to be issued and sent to each appointee for completion. Appointment to any component of the Army necessitates the submission of a signed oath. Acceptance of the appointment is signified by the completion and submission of the appointment form. There is no need for any more proof. Whenever an appointment includes a Warrant Officer or enlisted member of the Active Army, the oath must include the current grade in parentheses beneath the address, as required by law. In order to determine grade eligibility at the time of appointment, the number of years, months, and days credited after the letter “D” on the memorandum of appointment must be specified. If credit for service in an active status based on education and experience is used to determine grade eligibility at the time of appointment, this information must be included.
  • The execution of an oath of office with reservations or modifications of any kind will not be recorded as an acceptance of the oath. If there is no declared intention to take an oath without reservations, the appointment will be terminated without further notice.

DA Form 71 – Army Pubs DA 71 Fillable

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