DA Form 7223 – Army Pubs DA 7223 Fillable

DA Form 7223 – Army Pubs DA 7223 Fillable – Following the Total Army Performance Evaluation System, DA Form 7223, Base System Civilian Evaluation Report, is a form that is used to evaluate the accomplishments of civilian personnel (TAPES).

DA Form 7223 - Army Pubs DA 7223 Fillable

This form, frequently referred to mistakenly as DD Form 7223, was issued by the United States Department of the Army (DA) on March 1, 2010, and it is the most recent version available. You may download and digitally file an up-to-date DA Form 7223 fillable version by clicking on the link below, or you can visit the Army Publishing Directorate website.

In many ways, the form is similar to DA Form 7223-1, Base System Civilian Performance Counseling Checklist/Record, which is used for documenting performance appraisals and expectations linked to an employee’s performance, as well as future performance goals.

Instructions For DA Form 7223

All of the necessary filing information and instructions for the DA Form 7223 may be found in Army Regulation 690-400, Chapter 4302, Total Army Performance Evaluation System, which is available online. The following are the filing instructions:

  • Individuals rated in Part I (“Administrative Data”) must provide personal information, such as their full name, position title, pay plan, series, and grade, the name of the organization or installation, and the reason for submitting the form. Part II (“Statistics”) requires statistical information about the organization or installation (either an annual evaluation or special performance).
  • Part II (“Authentication”) should provide a procedure for authenticating the raters who are responsible for executing the assessment. This involves identifying their name, grade, and position, as well as the organization and duties assigned to them. Each box on the form may have a maximum of three raters, with the main rater, an intermediate rater, and a senior rater serving as the primary raters. It is also recommended that the signature of the assessed person be included in this section of DA Form 7223 to ensure that the information supplied in Parts I and IV is accurate.
  • Part III (“Performance Award/Quality Step Increase”) should include information on the monetary value of the award or if the employee has been promoted to a higher grade or a different step.
  • Part IV (“Duty Description”) should be filled with a detailed description of the duties done by the employee who is being assessed. It contains a description and breadth of their daily responsibilities, as well as areas of particular concentration and the appropriate counseling dates for each employee.
  • Part V (“Values”) begins with a list of seven key Army values: loyalty, responsibility, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal bravery. The list continues with a list of seven basic Army values: discipline, leadership, and teamwork. Part V, which is filled out by the senior rater, includes room for any extra bullet remarks that may arise. Section B of Part V is devoted to an assessment of the employee’s capabilities. These characteristics include their technical skill, flexibility, and initiative, as well as their working relationships and communications, as well as their general responsibility and dependability. Supervisory personnel is also evaluated on their ability to supervise and lead others, as well as their commitment to equal opportunity and affirmative action.
  • Part VI of the performance evaluation forms an overall assessment of the employee’s overall performance. This section is completed by a senior rater (if one is employed) or the principal rater (if no senior raters took part in the evaluation).
  • Lastly, in Part VII, you will see the senior rater’s comments and observations on the employee’s performance.

DA Form 7223 – Army Pubs DA 7223 Fillable

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