DA Form 759 – Army Pubs DA 759 Fillable

DA Form 759 – Army Pubs DA 759 Fillable – An individual flight record and flight crew certificate, also known as DA Form 759, is used to close out flight records and is necessary for all soldiers who are on active duty in the military’s aircraft operations. When a soldier’s flying status is terminated, the Centralized Aviation Flight Records System (CAFRS) generates a form for each soldier whose records are being closed.

DA Form 759 - Army Pubs DA 759 Fillable

According to the United States Department of the Army (DA), the most recent version of the form – frequently wrongly referred to as DD Form 759 – was made available on July 1, 2018, rendering all earlier forms outdated. For your convenience, an up-to-date DA Form 759fillable version is available for digital filing and download below, or may be accessed on the Army Publishing Directorate’s official website.

CAFRS must have the digital signature of the soldier’s Aircrew Training Program (ATP) commander before the DA Form 759 may be accepted as legitimate. If the ATP commander is not the one who approved flight duties on DA Document 7120, Commander’s Task List, the form must be signed and dated by a certifying officer before it may be used.

DA Form 759 Of The Department Of Agriculture (DA): What to Do?

The Training Circular 3-04.11, Commander’s Aviation Training and Standardization Program, contains procedural rules as well as supplementary information on the subject of aviation training. The following are the instructions for DA Form 759:

Part I (“Biography/Demographic”) consists of a total of 12 text boxes.

  • DA Form 759-1, Individual Flight Record and Flight Certificate-Army (Aircraft Closeout) contains the information necessary in Blocks 1 through 4.
  • Blocks 5 through 12 ask the soldier to provide personally identifying information about himself or herself. This information includes their date of birth, date of enrollment into the aviation service, service branch, unit, component, Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), and their assigned duty position, among other things.

Part II, titled “Flight Hours,” is divided into two portions.

  • Section A (“Qualifications”) is a table with 14 columns that contains information on the applicant. It is necessary to specify the names of aircraft systems, qualification dates, final flying dates, the total number of flight hours, and the number of aviation test outcomes in these columns.
  • Section B is responsible for computing the total number of hours flown under various situations. “Combat” is represented by Block A. “Imminent Danger” is represented by Block B. “Civilian Rotary Wing” is represented by Block C. “Military Rotary Wing” is the designation for Block D. “Civilian Fixed-Wing” is the subject of Block E. “Military Fixed-Wing” is the designation for Block F. “Historical Hours” are located in Block G. Block H is used to determine and record the total number of hours worked throughout the week.

Part III (“Aircrew Training Program (ATP)”) is dedicated to the dissemination of ATP outcomes. For the ATP section, the findings of a number of various assessments, such as the Maintenance Test Flight Evaluator (MTFE) level, the Flight Activity Category (FAC) level, and others, must be submitted to them.

Part IV (“Remarks”) might be utilized to offer any extra information that is necessary.

DA Form 759 – Army Pubs DA 759 Fillable

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